Monday, December 28, 2015


This last week has been awesome! Christmas week is always the best. To be honest it hasn't been so busy on the missionary work side of things as far as teaching and finding is concerned. We spent an enormous amount of time with members and the work has been subsequently low, however, we have seen 'real progress' with our ward. About two months ago Elder Vance and I came up with a plan of how we could best help the ward in which we are serving. We saw a big hole in the youth with low attendance at mutual and church, so we made them our focus. We went especially out of our way to make the youth of this ward feel like missionaries are awesome (which we are ;)) and that the gospel is exciting. We have been teaching lessons at mutual activities and on Sundays during Young Mens/Womens and have been spending time at the members houses and building friendships with them. And I can tell you, IT IS WORKING! Attendance has almost doubled and the ward is so excited about it. The Christmas season was just the thing we needed to get it going. 

One thing I think I have realized is the importance of families as the fundamental unit of the church. If it were not for families, our church would not work. We simply could not do it with millions of single people. As Missionaries, we should be looking for and re-activating those that can build the kingdom, or in other words, those that can bring in families. God knew what he was doing when he gave us Mummy and Daddy and there is a reason we learn their names as our first words ;) 

I especially loved celebrating the birth of a savior this last week. I have learned so much about and come closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is all around us all the time. 

Quick shout out to the Kearsley, Trap, and Rosenkilde families for the great Christmas they gave us Missionaries. I have made lifelong friends with you and your children. Tak for en hyggeligt juletid!

I wish you all a happy new year!! Have a great week and I'll talk to you in 2016!

Ældste Bradshaw

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