Monday, January 4, 2016


Hey everyone! Godt Nytår!!! (happy new year)

Holy cow, I am just exhausted. The Danish New Year, just like the rest of Europe, is INSANE!! Okay, I'll give you something to compare it to... for those of you in Utah, you know the stadium of fire fireworks?? Yeah, okay, now imagine the equivalent of that for every single street in the city. I kid you not, it feels like a warzone in Århus at 12am on January 1st. It's very wet here in Denmark, so there is no fear of fire. Subsequently, everything is legal. The biggest fireworks possible are lit off by 4 year olds. It's AWESOME!! 

We got to spend New Years Eve with a member family and were allowed to stay out until 11pm this time. Then we just watched the night sky light up from our apartment for the rest of the night. Sleeping was not an option due to the seemingly continuous roll of thunder going on. New Years is the best!! 

This week we have been working lots with Mr. T from Cambodia and his wife *S. They enjoy reading out of the Book of Mormon with us when we come. It's slow rolling with them, but it will come with time. Otherwise we have seen some big steps forward with *S and *H, our friends from the Faroe Islands. She has been reading in the book a ton and is now interested in coming to church this week, so we'll see if she follows through on her word :) 

We've been working with *K and *I a lot over the past few months. She is an inactive member and he is a non-member. They're both in their 80's and their Danish is very difficult to understand at times. We haven't seen *K ever care about what we come and talk about, but this last week as we were over there sharing our testimonies about the Savior, a single tear rolled down his cheek!! He really felt the spirit strong and next week we're going over to extend a baptismal invite! I think he's finally ready. 

Things are going great as always here. Transfers are happening this week, so I really do think it's my time to leave this time. 

Have a great week everyone. Love you!!

Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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