Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy Easter everybody!!!

I hope your week has been as great as mine! This week a lady named M* was baptized in Slagelse! She was the Sisters investigator and has been investigating for centuries!! I even came and taught her a year ago when I was district leader in Nykøbing Falster, but now she got baptized!! It was an experience never to be forgotten. It took 4 of us Elders to carry her into the baptismal font and get her underwater because she is quite a heavy woman and paralyzed from the waist down...!! What a great experience it was though. I was then able to give her the gift of the holy ghost the next day at church. Great week!

Otherwise, we've been out finding and teaching as normal... easter was a great day. Not much else to report. Lots of pictures!!! Enjoy!

Ældste Bradshaw

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Dear everyone,

happy first day of Spring!!!!!!!!!! It finally broke 5 degrees C yesterday, so that was nice. Hopefully the heat will start rolling in now.

So, I got my flight plans today. Weird. Really weird. I think they're going to have to push me onto that plane to make me leave. I can't believe it's almost here!!

This week has been wonderful as always. We've been really caught up with doing service for the Bishop this week. We spent almost two entire days chopping down trees and chopping them up into firewood. It was so much fun!!! Just call me Lumberjack Jedidiah!! Nothing beats a good long day of manual labor and a solid night of sleep. I'm now professional at using a chainsaw and axe. Splitting wood is the absolute best.

We have started teaching lots of new families, which is great because Elder Gudmundson and I prayed specifically last week to be able to find families to teach!! And now we have 3 of them!! I have high hopes for one of them in particular. They're from Greenland and love the missionaries.

We have also been traveling lots again. Elder Gudmundson and I have been giving trainings to all of the districts in the zone individually at their district meetings instead of at a big zone conference. It's been great. Our subject has been taken from Jacob 5 and is all about area stewardship. Great concept.

Nothing else to exciting to report on for now.... lots of pictures this week!! Enjoy!

I love you all!! Have a great week!

Ældste Bradshaw



Happy Monday people of the world. I hope you're all doing wonderful because I certainly am!! This week has been fantastic. Kenneth is now a part of the ward and we've been busy getting people out to visit him to make sure he feels completely welcome. It all went very smoothly.

After the baptism we were in a little slump due to lack of investigators, so we committed ourselves to FIND FIND FIND!! It' been great! The other day we had a 2 hour block of finding planned. We talked to EVERYONE we could! We found loads of potential investigators, one of which we followed up with yesterday. They are a family from Greenland!! Such amazing people. 

They are ready for the gospel! When we knocked on the door their extended family was all over there to celebrate a birthday. They let us in and we taught all of them! They even showed us tons of traditional Greenlandic stuff, including bands! I loved some of the music they showed us and even got some new inspiration for some songs :)

It's been a great week! I hope you all have a great week too :)
Love you!!!!

Elder Bradshaw

Monday, March 7, 2016


No ‘family’ email from Jed this week – so sending out parts of his email to Meg and I.

I'm doing great. Honestly just wonderful. Everything went great this weekend.
Definitely not according to plan, but they went great. K* was baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday in church.

The ward has welcomed him with open arms. Amazing experience. I'll tell you the full story one day. It's crazy!

I was hoping to get the camera at this last zone conference, but it was not here yet, so I'll have to check again next week as I swing by the mission office. 

Yes, Elder Brady goes home in 4 weeks... My guess is that I'm moving. Haha it's funny you mention it because President has told me I might be dying on Bornholm. He has assigned me to lead a team of missionaries this June on Bornholm for a big event called ''Folkemødet''. Check it out online if you can. It's a big deal. My job is to select which missionaries are going and what we will be doing over there. The plan right now is to put together a musical band similar to the one from Christmas so we can have some entertainment, then set up a family history booth. Should start some good conversations and get some good publicity for the church. I attended a meeting last night with the Stake President and all of the public relations people that work for the church in Denmark. It was all very official. 

But no, I don't think I will die in Slagelse, even though I would love to. So much good stuff going on right now. I have an interview coming up with Pres in 2 weeks, so we'll see what he says there. 

No, there was no time to visit my African friends in Nykøbing :( But they are still coming to church every sunday!!

Things are going great here. The mission is moving so fast. Almost two transfers left. Things are finally starting to work out for me :) Not that they haven't before... I haven't really changed anything or started working any harder, but things are just going better for some reason. 

I love you tons.

Ældste Jed Bradshaw