Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Dear everyone,

happy first day of Spring!!!!!!!!!! It finally broke 5 degrees C yesterday, so that was nice. Hopefully the heat will start rolling in now.

So, I got my flight plans today. Weird. Really weird. I think they're going to have to push me onto that plane to make me leave. I can't believe it's almost here!!

This week has been wonderful as always. We've been really caught up with doing service for the Bishop this week. We spent almost two entire days chopping down trees and chopping them up into firewood. It was so much fun!!! Just call me Lumberjack Jedidiah!! Nothing beats a good long day of manual labor and a solid night of sleep. I'm now professional at using a chainsaw and axe. Splitting wood is the absolute best.

We have started teaching lots of new families, which is great because Elder Gudmundson and I prayed specifically last week to be able to find families to teach!! And now we have 3 of them!! I have high hopes for one of them in particular. They're from Greenland and love the missionaries.

We have also been traveling lots again. Elder Gudmundson and I have been giving trainings to all of the districts in the zone individually at their district meetings instead of at a big zone conference. It's been great. Our subject has been taken from Jacob 5 and is all about area stewardship. Great concept.

Nothing else to exciting to report on for now.... lots of pictures this week!! Enjoy!

I love you all!! Have a great week!

Ældste Bradshaw

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