Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6-21-16 Hello for the last time...

Hey guys!!!

Sorry you didn't hear from me yesterday. I spent the entire day driving from Bornholm, through Sweden and then back into Denmark again!! It was such a fun road trip and we had tons of things to do on the way home like dropping off all of the different music and audio gear we had rented for the show, so I just didn't have time to email. But I'm alive and well!! Buckle in because this week was a good one!

So, Folkemødet. It was INCREDIBLE!! Such a great time. It was strange to be away from my area for such a long time, but it was definitely no vacation. In fact, I think that was the hardest working week of my mission. I must have talked to thousands of people each day. It was crazy! The music was a hit! I got to give my ''speech'' thing. We got soooo many referrals for the mission. It was just an unforgettable week. I would  come home each day just absolutely exhausted to the point that my body just could not move anymore... but it felt amazing!  I will send pictures for sure, but I don't think I'll ever be able to accurately describe how amazing it was!

Here are one of the many miracles we experienced: We spent tons of time and money renting and getting all of the band equipment, so I was very relieved when we finally got it all into the van and onto the ferry to Bornholm. Unfortunately, when we unpacked everything in Rønne to test it all out, we found that the electric guitar cable was faulty. It didn't work!! So we hopped on google and found the ONLY music store on the island of Bornholm and drove over there.

When we arrived to the place it was supposed to be at, we couldn't see any music store! So we parked the car and started looking around. We decided that we should just ask a local. Then Esther, the lady that was with us, said that she felt impressed that we should talk to this one man that she saw across the way. So we did. We asked him about the nearest music store and he told us that the only one in town shut down two weeks ago. He asked us why we needed the store. We told him about the cable. He said ''wait here, I'll be back in 10 minutes'' then he hopped on his bike and left... well, waited, and after 10 minutes he came biking back holding a guitar cable with his name and phone number taped to it and said ''call me when you're done with it!''...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha it was exactly what we needed to make the shows work! Miracle!

There were countless others, but I can tell you all about those next week when I see you all ;)

F* is 100% on track to be baptized this Saturday. He's so excited. He's already sharing the Gospel with all of his friends and family! More so than all of the other members combined! He's amazing!

It's so strange that this final week has actually come...it doesn't feel real. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I was driving on the train home from Copenhagen yesterday, contemplating the last two years, and I was hit with this massive wave of sadness. I could taste what it will be like to be gone and miss all of this. I don't want it to happen. But as I've come to learn, what I want isn't always what Heavenly Father knows is best for me. I know that he's got bigger and better things waiting for me when I leave all of this for a time. I look forward to the future. I'm optimistic. I realize now that all of this was just preparation for the next big thing, just like it always is in the great Plan of Happiness. I feel really good about the time I've had here in Denmark.

Do I have regrets? Yes. But none of them matter because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I have far more good memories than bad. As a matter of fact, I don't think I ever really had a truly bad moment on my mission. The Lord has truly blessed me. He has formed me into the man I'm meant to be. 

Weird.... I don't know what else to say.

I really love you all. Thanks for reading these ridiculous emails these two years! I'll see you all next week!!!

Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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