Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hello Again :)
We had an absolutely fantastic week here in Nykøbing Falster. So when I first got into the area, there wasn't much going on because the Elders had been in the hospital for weeks because of Elder Petersen. That meant we had to do some finding. We've been working super hard to find some new people to teach to really give the area some new spark, and the Lord has been Blessing us tremendously!
Last Sunday, Elder Zalewski and I both fasted that we could find a new investigator. We went out to a city  called Stubbekøbing to stop by a former investigator, but they weren't home, so we decided to knock a few doors instead. We knocked the first one, but nobody answered. Second door. Knock knock knock. A bright smiling man opens the door! We come to find out that he's from Syria and does not speak English OR Danish, yet he insisted that we come in. We did just that, and after much back and forth over Google translate we were able to teach the restoration.
He said that we could come back next week, so we came back with our good friend *M* to help with translation! We now teach this man a few times a week through a translator, and things are going great!! His name is *J* (pronounced like the American baseball team) and he lives in Denmark alone. He has a wife and 2 year old daughter back home in Syria. He's such a kind and sincere man:) I love him already.
But it wasn't just him! We received 4 new investigators this week!! Awesome huh?? The Lord gets his Work done no matter what. This area has lots of potential. We just gotta find it. I have faith that things will pick up soon and we will see some glorious work get done in Nykøbing!
I love you all and so does you Savior Jesus Christ. If we just keep His commandments, everything else will fall into place.
-Elder Bradshaw

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