Monday, February 23, 2015


Well, this week has been all over the place!!!
We started it off with a lesson with our good pal *K*. We had decided beforehand on a baptismal date so we were really just presenting it to him and seeing what he thought about it. He accepted excitedly!! April the the 18th was his date. All was well in Zion. But then... not two days later her gave us a ring. He sounded rather glum and went on to tell us that he didn't think our church was for him because it didn't fit his lifestyle. He cancelled his baptismal date... We were so upset. But we've managed to get back in touch with him and he has agreed to keep taking the lessons, so hopefully after we explain that if we keep the Word of Wisdom and hold the law of chastity that we receive enormous blessings he'll be a little more open to recommitting to baptism. 
Wednesday was a fantastic day! We found 3 new families to start teaching. One of them is a family of a VERY young couple and their 3 children (4 if you count the one exploding out of the mother's stomach). It's quite amazing to see such a big young family in Denmark. Most households don't have more than 2 children by the time the kids leave the house, but both the man and wife are only 25 in this family and they already have 4 kids!! Very un-Danish of them. But I love teaching families. It's my absolute favorite. They remind me of my own family back home and teach me a lot about what kind of a family I want to have one day. I've also learned lots about what kind of husband/father I want to be. There are MANY bad examples  out here! 
Oh on Friday we found the coooolest little town you've ever seen. It's basically just a fisherman’s wharf with a couple of classic old school Danish houses and a fish restaurant that is the buzz of the town. We found the place because we received a referall from the mission office out there, but what do you know, the guy wasn't home. It turned out to be a great thing though because we made some good friends down at the restaurant and tried their famous fish platter. I wish you all could see it with your own eyes. So authentic.
I've been missing Hillerød particularly this week when I realized that I desperately needed a haircut and Jessica wasn't around to help me out. But we decided that with or without a professional hairstylist we WOULD get haircuts. Sooooo we buzzed all our hair off. My hair is currently shorter than it has EVER been before. Even shorter than when I first left my mother's womb. It actually isn't too bad :) I don't have to worry about doing my hair in the morning anymore. I'll be sure to attach a picture so you can all make fun of me :)
God be with you til we meet again!
Have a super week!

-Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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