Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Kære alle sammen,
Things are going great on this side of the pond. A little slower than usual, but still great. We haven't been able to meet with many of our investigators this week, but that has been just fine because we used the free time to visit all of the less active people in our area. Less active Work really is just as important, if not more important than investigator Work. Our branch should be about 50 members, but we're usually only about 15 on your average Sunday. Could you imagine the difference it would make in the area if EVERY member attended?? Members would be happier, church would be more exciting and investigators would be more impressed with Sunday services. So.... I think I've decided to make the less active members the focus of this area. I really think it would benefit Nykøbing Falster for generations to come.
One less active lady that we met with this week is called *B* (I swear it's a beautiful name when Danish pronunciation is applied). She's 70 something years old and has terrible legs. She can hardly walk and requires help with just about everything she does. You should have seen the smile that came across her face when she saw us at her doorstep! Apparently the missionaries used to go and visit her all the time and help her with all the Things that she needed done around the house and yard. In fact, it seems like she was dependent on the missionaries to properly live.
Unfortunately several years ago, the missionaries decided that it wasn't worth their time to visit her, so one day, they just stopped coming. Then there we were, standing on her doorstep, and you would think she thought we were The Beatles from how star struck she looked! Haha it's good to know that we have some fans ;) Anyway, we talked with her for a while, then after finding out that she couldn't buy or make her own food, we ran into town to buy her some groceries and make some dinner with her. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so grateful for dinner! She just loved the Company and love that we offered her. Such a sweet lady.
We also Work with a less active Fellow by the name of *D*. Haha he is quite the character... He lived in the US for several years and has a perfect Southern accent, so we actually speak English with him. It's also been a while since the missionaries have been over to visit him, and I really believe he could be coming back to church soon.
Oh guess what I ate this week!!?! The World famous Habanero Pepper!!!! Supposedly the spiciest pepper in the World (although I think it might be second spiciest)! Luckily I had 3 liters of milk nearby to extinguish the blaze... but wow... that was fun. You should have seen the member that did it with me! Danish people eat very bland foods and can't handle spicy Things, so his entire body was heaving trying to throw it up, but he couldn't. I didn't think it was too bad... in fact, I would say that the garlic challenge from New Years was much worse.
Anyway I best be off. I love you all more than you can imagine :)
Have a great week!!
-Ældste Bradshaw

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