Monday, April 20, 2015


Hey Guys :)
It's getting so warm over here now! Okay maybe it's only warm in comparison to what it's been. It's a high of about 10 degrees Celsius (ed 50 degrees F), which is actually quite cold, but it feels warm to me. Anything is better than below zero. Well we've been enjoying it big time and even busted out the short sleeved shirts the other day. I love the sun.
We've had a great time teaching all of our new investigators. None of them really seem like they'll be changing their ways, but we have some great discussions with them and who knows, maybe something we say to them will make a difference down the road.
We had a neat experience with some people the other day. We knocked on their door and they reluctantly let us in. We sat down and started off by showing them the new Easter film ''because he lives''. They thought it was well made and liked it very much, but the neat part was what they told us next. Apparently they had been in Italy just 4 days earlier when some girls stopped them on the streets of Venice. They gave them a card with a link to a video and told them that it was a video from the church that they represented. They thought nothing of it and stuffed the card in his pocket. He pulled the card out of his pocket as we sat on his couch in Denmark and told us that he thought it was no coincidence that he was now seeing that same film just a few days later. THANK YOU SISTER MISSIONARIES. Anyway... I don't know if they'll go anywhere, but they were obviously very touched by the whole experience. God's hand was very present.
We've been loving the new Easter initiative. Such a great way to find and teach people. The Work is going great right now! The branch is being a little negative and unsupportive, but that's alright. We'll get them on board soon enough.
We get transfer calls next Monday. That should be interesting because if I stay then I have to stay for at least 2 more transfers due to the fact that Elder Taylor goes home next transfer, so that would make 5 transfers in Nykøbing! I wouldn't mind that. But it would also be fun to go experience something new.
I love you all! Vi ses næste uge!
-Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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