Monday, April 27, 2015


Hello Humans.
Let's start with a neat story this week. Elder Taylor and I were in a real messed up part of town the other day, doing the usual stop bys and attempting to find a previous investigator that we wanted to start teaching again. His name was *R*. Spanish I think. Well we knocked on his beat up paint chipped door. No answer. We rang the harsh doorbell. Nobody heard it. We turned away from the door to see a lovely lady beaming from cheek to cheek coming Down the stair well.
 ''Are you Mormons?'' she asked us.
''Oh good. Come Upstairs, it's been a while''
She took us up to her apartment but we couldn't go in due to the fact that she lived there alone and we aren't allowed to visit single women. No problem. She grabbed a few chairs and we sat out in her Little courtyard. She pulled out 4 books from her bag. The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.... She went on to tell us that she got these books 30 years ago from a few boys just like us and that she had come to church with them once, but then they suddenly stopped coming... We were dumbfounded. She had read all of the books through multiple times. Her favorite was the Book of Abraham and could even quote it....... what kind of investigator quotes the book of Abraham?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!! I can't even do that!!!
Anyway her name is *M* and she is wonderful. So yeah that's my miracle for the week. We'll see where it goes with her.
Another neat story: On Wednesday Elder Taylor and I decided to try out our new guitar contacting routine. We've been practicing new hymns and songs and decided it was finally warm enough to try them out on the people of Nykøbing. We sat down in the city Square and started playing. Not much happened at first. A few people stopped and listened. One particular little girl stared at us for a good 15 minutes, mesmerized. Then after a while there came this big group of young adults walking by. They loved it and asked me if I knew any Red Hot Chili Peppers. Haha of course I do!! I started playing and one of the girls in the group and I had a Little duet sing along. Then we sat down and played like 5 songs together. She's now an investigator. Her name is *A*. Music touches hearts people.
So yeah... that's this week!!! I'm still LOVING Nykøbing! Can't wait for Mother’s day!! Party at my house on Skype. Everyone's invited... right Mum?
K I love you all!!!

-Elder Bradshaw

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