Monday, September 14, 2015


Well hello there :)

What a great week it has been! I just have to say that I absolutely love Denmark! I feel like I've come to this point where Denmark actually feels like my home and Alpine Utah feels like some make believe place. I love it! There are so many important people in my life that live right here in this country, and that's much more comforting than the way I used to look at it at the beginning of my mission when I would say that all of the important people in my life were back in Utah 6000+ miles away. It's nice to be surrounded by people I love. And I truly do love all of these people.

On Wednesday we met an incredible woman!! I contacted her at a bus stop in Danish, so we spoke Danish for a little bit.  Once I found out that she comes from Italy, I used my minuscule knowledge of Italy to impress her :) She mistook us for two Danes, so when she found out that we could speak English, she quickly switched to English! Now I've got to say that this contact turned into the MOST POSITIVE contact I've ever experienced! She was just so excited and happy that we were talking to her and inviting her to do things! She is about 24 years old and 6 months pregnant. Well luckily I've lived with a pregnant woman for my entire life (thanks mum), so I knew just how to treat her. She was smiling the whole time and then when it came time to get off of the bus, she insisted that we take her phone number! We gladly did and then texted her later to meet up the next day. So, we met her the next day in the church building. We had a member with us to help give a tour, then we went through the restoration. She just ate it all up. She then came the VERY NEXT DAY to the young adult activity at 6pm! They were doing institute, and through the whole thing she kept smiling and leaning over to me to say ''there is something different about this place'' to which I replied ''just wait until you come to sacrament meeting''. So now we're just trying to get her a Book of Mormon in Italian and she wants to come to church on Sunday! Can't wait to see what happens! 

Elder Vance and I also gave our Zone Training this week, so that was fun. We trained on how to use scriptures in our teaching which is something very basic but very necessary due to the many new missionaries in the zone. 

We are just so happy here in Århus at the moment! We work hard every day and constantly see the blessings of that hard work! I feel like we are in the field that is white and ready to harvest as it talks about in D&C 4. We've also started working with lots of Spanish speaking investigators so we have bought some Spanish grammar books and are dusting up on the Spanish speaking skills. It isn't going too well. Any advice Elder Kersey? 

Well I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! 

Elder Bradshaw

PS my right ankle might be broken. Don't freak out Mum, it’s just a maybe. It's more than likely just a bad sprain. The doctor said to give it some rest and see what happens. But as for right now, I can't walk on it. DON'T FREAK OUT! I just thought I would let you know so you don't hear about it from someone else :) Nothing can stop me from working :)

                                                       Mission Leadership Council
 Real deer in the Deer park. They just walk around but you can rarely get the ones like this with the big horns to come up to you, so this was a precious moment ;)

                   A cat and the millions of different Book of Mormon languages we have collected

                                   The ankle... you should have seen it without the wrap on. It was huge
                                               The MTC district at mission conference

                                                  Lunch at mission leadership council

                                              Entire mission at mission conference
                                        Picnic with missionaries, member, and investigator!
                                               playing some volleyball with the district.

 Flips with Elder Sakurada (don't worry, it wasn't these crazy gymnastics that broke the ankle)

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