Monday, September 21, 2015


Hej alle sammen!
Århus is the most beautiful place in the world at the moment! The cool air has a little pinch to it now which I absolutely love. The thick greenery is starting to see its first signs of color change. The first wave of leaves have begun to fall and the air just smells incredible. So bring out the sweaters because FALL has arrived!!! Gosh I just love the fall so much! Things are going so well at the moment. Some highlights from this week include a great new family that we found yesterday!! They are from the Faroe Islands which is technically a part of Denmark but they speak an entirely different language. They're a young couple with two children and are just incredible people. So humble and kind. They accepted the first discussion very well so we're excited to see where that goes :) 

We have also been seeing lots of success with Spanish speaking people. We have an appointment tonight with a huge family from Columbia. They don't speak any Danish so we've been brushing up on the Spanish for the last few days and tonight is the big test! 

Haha we have also started teaching an entire congregation of people from Africa! One of their members was an investigator and invited us to attend their Bible study class with the youth. We showed up and they had over 30 young adults in attendance! Luckily Elder Vance and I have a pretty good understanding of the Bible between the two of us so the ''discussion'' of Bible study class led by their preacher quickly turned into us answering questions and teaching the entire congregation! We had the preacher stumped on quite a few things we brought up, which is not what we want to do, but it helped solidify our authority as servants of the Lord in front of all of these people. It was a great experience! We're going back this Wednesday. 

This last weekend we had Stake Conference which was great! Both *S* and *J* were able to be there which was great for them to meet so many members in one place! We got a visit from one of our area seventies and he gave a great talk about work and the Sabbath day. For the most though it was just nice to see so many familiar faces gathered together in one huge building. I even saw two of my previous companions who were here visiting!! 

Sorry I don't have much more time to expand upon our week. Elder Vance and I have to spend the day getting ready for our Zone Conference this week.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Elder Bradshaw 

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