Monday, April 25, 2016


Hello Fellas,

it's been an astronomical week. We had Stake Conference yesterday and that was just wonderful. We had our area seventy show up to speak to us. It's always funny to listen to them speak in English and have a Danish man standing next to them to translate to Danish at the pulpit. They don't always get the translation just right, but they do their best :) 

We've  been attending a local church in Slagelse  on Saturdays where they only speak Spanish. I do my best to translate for my companion and then we get a chance after the services to go around and talk to all of their members in both Spanish and broken Danish. We brought the Sisters with last time and introduced them to one of the members from Portugal. They have now been teaching her and she has a baptismal date!! I think working with other faiths is a great way to find those that are prepared to hear the gospel. We aren't allowed to preach in their churches, but we are definitely allowed to make friends and talk to them later :) 

We've been teaching lots of Old ladies this week: They're so funny... every single one of them sets up the same things in their living rooms for us. Two chairs at the coffee table with a plate, knife, fork, doily, fine china glass, and small cookies on a plate in the middle. We don't even use the fork and knife! I think they just like to set it up and make it look all fancy :) Haha they're adorable. But we taught this one lady down in Nykøbing this week and she's been somewhat of an eternigator, but we reset expectations with her and were very bold with our invitation to act. She's now heavily considering being baptized in June. I'll think she's finally come around. 

We also taught a crazy Australian lady who believes in UFOs, ghosts, and something called ''inner earth'' which is basically a society of people that live deep below the earth's crust that are watching and monitoring us until the day that they will emerge and take over. Haha, people are awesome. Funny thing was that she said lots of things about her spirituality that are very very close to Gospel truths, just construed a little bit. We hope to align some of her ideas with the truth. 

All is well here. Life is good. I love it. 
Have a great week!! I love you all!!

-Ældste Bradshaw

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