Monday, October 13, 2014


Goddag! Hvordan har I haft det? Ældste Hooper og Jeg har haft det rigtigt godt her I Hillerød. Det er meget bedre end Utah, synes jeg. Nej, jeg driller bare. Jeg vil altid elsker Utah!
Haha... I can just imagine you all trying to read this out loud right now and absolutely slaughtering it! I promise you it sounds NOTHING like what it looks like, so don't even try and pronounce it. Danish is actually a beautiful spoken language, even if it doesn't look good on paper (or screen).
This week has been packed full of crazy adventures full of action, romance, deceit, joy, and sorrow. Okay maybe not all those things, but it has been amazing. I recently found the world’s best pastry shop. We go there once a week now and it's the best way to start off the day. You walk in and you're instantly welcomed by cute baker girls (Elder Hooper's Words, not mine) and the smell of freshly baked bread (my Words). You feel very European walking out of there with a freshly baked baguette or Danish pastry.
So in church every week I've been going to choir because the missionaries have to go, and this week something terrible happened. We were singing in practice and the crazy conductor lady picked me out to sing a solo!! Ahhh! So that day in sacrament meeting, the choir was called up to sing the interlude song, and I sung the entire first verse by myself! In Danish! Haha it was hilarious. I had to try really hard not to look at the other Elders because they were all trying to make me laugh.
During the week we had over 15 lessons planned to teach, but almost everyone cancelled on us. It was pretty discouraging, but we went forward with faith and just went finding instead. This consisted of knocking doors like mad men and cycling hundreds of miles to get from city to city through rich green rolling hills. One trail even led to a dead end in the middle of a field, so we carried our bikes for a few miles through thick wet grass up to my knees in an attempt to find another road. We ended up in the middle of a bunch of sheep. I quite liked it.
I think I have found my niche market when it comes to contacting in the city or on trains. I've found that if I talk to girls aged from about 16-21, they tend to be A LOT more interested. I think I got over 10 girls phone numbers this week. (yeah I still got game). They just tend to show more interest, and even if it isn't always for the ''right reasons'', they could potentially turn into great investigators. The church in Denmark is in need of some Young new blood, and if I can get all the Young girls to join, the Guys will come flocking, right?
On Friday we carved pumpkins with Josefine! It was so much fun. It felt just like carving a pumpkin back home with the Family. Have any of you started carving yet? I'd love to see em.
Oh and Happy Birthday to Amelia!!!! I can't believe you're already 10! I love you!!!!!!!
We would appreciate if you could pray for a man called Yens Andersen. He used to be the mission president here in Denmark, and is now our Ward mission leader. He's an incredible man and will probably be a General Authority any day now, but his daughter just passed away two days ago. They found out this Monday about a brain tumor and she passed away on Saturday. The worst part was that he was in Utah all this week on official church business and wasn’t able to be with her in her last few days. So yeah... Keep him in your prayers.
I love you all so much.
Keep writing.

-Ældste Bradshaw

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