Monday, October 20, 2014


Dearly beloved,

    This week it rained. And it rained. And then it rained Again. And then it stopped for 5 minutes, and then it rained for the rest of the week. Oh my goodness.... I have NEVER been so wet in my life!! You should have seen us the other day as we went out for the final Work hours of the day. We had a few appointments from 5-9, but they all fell through right before, so we decided to cycle out to a far away city to knock. It was already raining when we left the Apartment, but as we went along, it started to just POUR down and within 5 minutes I may as well of jumped in a swimming pool I was so wet. Then for the NeXT 4 hours, not a single person had pity on us enough to let us in their nice warm homes. Everything was wet. My wool hat was stuck to my wet hair and there was a miniature swimming pool at the bottom of each of my shoes.  I just wanted the night to be over so bad, but it dragged on and on and on. We could have gone home whenever we wanted and claimed that the weather was too extreme to Work in, but we decided we would stick it out and Work in faith that Heavenly Father would lead us to someone. He did. At the second to last house we were going to knock that night, a man answered the door. I used what Little Danish I knew to tell him about who we were and what we had to offer him. He wasn't all that interested, but we were able to give him our phone number and he claimed that he would call us if there was anything we could do to help him. Then we left. We didn't expect to hear from him ever again.

   We then continued to the last house on the street, planning to retire for the night after that. My companion knocked the door and not 2 seconds later, our phone started ringing. I answered, and tried intensely to listen to what the man was saying over the loud rain. All I could make out were two words: ''kom tilbage'', meaning ''come back''. I assumed it to be the man we had just knocked into seeing as I didn't recognize the phone number. We hurried back to the last house, not even waiting to see if anyone would answer the door we had just knocked. Sure enough, the man was waiting for us at the door. He quickly let us in from the rain and brought us into his living room. We sat down as he fetched us some drinks. When he entered the room, you could tell something was the matter. He already had tears in his eyes. Before anything was said, he started telling us that he had been reading in the Bible earlier that day. He said he read the following story:

   There was a man that lived in Jerusalem that desperately wanted to see Jesus in the flesh while he was on the earth, so he prayed to God and begged that Christ would be sent to him. Later that day, a man knocked on his door and asked if he could come in and rest from his travels, and that in return he would teach him the Word of Christ. The man rejected the weary traveler and continued waiting for Jesus, but he never came. That night in his sleep, he had a vision in which Christ came to him and said ''Why did you reject me today?'' The man replied ''What are you talking about?? I have never seen you before!'' To which Christ replied that the man that had knocked on his door was sent directly from him to deliver an important message.

   Francisk (the man whose house we were in) told us that when he sent us away into the rain, this story immediately came to his head, and he felt like he should invite us to come back. We couldn't believe it!! He basically told us that he recognized that we were sent from Christ himself! It was just amazing. The spirit was so strong, so we started teaching. We taught about the restoration and the Book of Mormon for a while, then challenged him to be baptized. He said that he will, but would not commit to a date. He did invite us to come back again though. It was such an incredible experience. And the best part.... He has an Audi in his driveway and offered to drive us to church sometime!! Haha I really hope that actually happens. I've grown a Little tired of cycling for two hours to church.

   So yeah, that was the highlight of my week. Other than that I finally went inside that sweet Castle by our Apartment. We saw all of the Charl Bloch paintings. I'll send some Pictures. We taught tons of lessons this week. Met some incredible people. You know, all the typical missionary stuff.

It's been a good week. Wet and Cold, but good.

Also, sorry for the weird grammar and random capitalizations. Danish keyboards are super weird.

- Ældste Bradshaw

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