Monday, October 6, 2014


Happy conference weekend everyone!!!

Wasn't conference just amazing?! I'll tell you what, I've never enjoyed  it more than I did this weekend. That probably has something to do with the fact that I'm a missionary, but seriously it was the best weekend for me. We watched the first session (saturday morning for you, saturday night for me) with the 'R' Family. They were just barely baptized. It was so great to Watch conference with them. We brought 5 Phillipino investigators with us because 'J' (the wife) is from the Philippines. They all made food from the motherland for us and we ate as we watched the first session. It was so great. I was worried I wouldn't have any families to Watch it with, which would be super depressing, but they made us feel like we were at home. Then the Next morning (Sunday) we watched three sessions at the chapel in Copenhagen. The first two weren't live because they aired in the middle of the night for us, but the sunday morning session for you we watched live that night. It was such a great day. Just sitting in the chapel, chatting with tons of missionaries (including my good old MTC buddies!!), and listening to the Words of God. I remember around 7 that night just looking around at everyone and having this incredible feeling of Peace wash over me. Even though I was thousands of miles away from my 'house', I felt at home. So many latter day saints gathered together in one place for the same cause. There was a great Spirit in that chapel.

Here are a few Things I took away from conference:
-Who do we face? Man, or God? Fear not what man can do, for the pure love of God casteth out all fear.
-The Sacrament should be an incredible spiritual experience EVERY SINGLE WEEK. We need to focus our thoughts on the atonement of christ and nothing else.
-Ask ourselves, ''Lord, is it I?''. Don't worry about how other people live their lives. That is between them and God. Worry about your own life and relationship with the Savior.
-You can't help others with their testimonies if your own faith wavers. Gain your own testimony first, then help others. Those airplane vidoes about the oxygen masks FINALLY make sense.
-It is not okay to do something bad just because it was not something worse.
-Self contentment vs. self improvement. Never bring Down your standards to make yourself feel more comfortable with where you are, rather, bring yourself up to meet the standards where they lay, because the standards of the Lord will never change.
-Acknowldege and face weaknesses, but don't let them immobilize you.
-The creator and Savior of this World was homeless, yet he gave all he had and served the poor.
-Give the shoes off of your own feet and 'shuffle through the airport' like President Monson.
-It is not a question of whether or not we will live after this life; it is a question of WHO we will live with.
-Walk not where He walked, but as He walked.
-And my very favorite thing I have Thus far learned (we havent seen the last session yet) is that the Atonement of Jesus Christ never runs out. Apply it generously to ALL wounds.

So there you have it. I'd love to hear what everyone else learned aswell, so please please email or write with what conference said to you.

I love you all so much. Have a great week!!!

Ældste Bradshaw

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