Monday, September 29, 2014


 October is this week. That's crazy. I really hope we get to celebrate Halloween in some way out here. Oh wait! We do! We have an investigator Family out here that is holding a Halloween party and we get to go!! That should be fun. I'd rather go trick or treating, but eh, whatever.

     Alrighty. Lets see what I can remember about this week. Well this last P-day we went to a lady named Vibika's house to get haircuts for free! Well not really free, we have to cut her grass, but haircuts cost 250 Crowns out here, so it's a great deal! Anyway her Family has a house FULL of cats. Well not cats, kittens. 15 of them to be exact. I was in absolute heaven. She gave me some kitten treats to hold and they all came flocking over to me! 15 kittens on my lap! Haha I'll send some Pictures of them. Then that night we went knocking and found a man Hot-Boxing in his living room. That's where you just smoke a ton of weed in a room and let the fumes stay in so he gets super high. It was hilarious. He invited us in, but we had to say no.... That was super hard to turn down, not because I wanted to do drugs, but because he was blasting Coldplay in there, which is better than drugs.

   I went on splits on Tuesday and started teaching this lady named Margret. She's from London, and apparently used to be a super model back in her day. She's 75 now and such a sweetheart. We committed her to be baptized, but she has a fear of water, so that should be interesting. That same night we started teaching a Danish family's kids English. We knocked into them and when we found out they weren't interested in the church, we pushed a Little further into other subjects and it was decided that we would teach their kids English every Tuesday night. It went great.

    Things have been going incredibly with the investigators lately. The Hirsea Family finally came to church! They even invited themselves to come back the NEXT week! Unfortunately we have General Conference. Wait no... that last sentence sounded bad. I love Conference. They just couldn't come to that. Ummm Things are going great with Josefine! We went to the Castle this week with her and walked around the gardens for ages! We all had cameras and were trying to take super hipster pictures. We talked and laughed, and it felt like we were all just great friends. At the end we sat down on a bench with the most incredible view you've ever seen, and taught her a lesson. It was so peaceful in that moment. Nothing could take away the joy that I felt in that moment. I just felt like I was in the right place, with the right people, doing the right things. As we taught, she started to cry, and we helped her through tons of personal problems she's been having. I LOOOOVE getting to know people like that. When I'm not just someone there to teach them, but to help them, love them, and just be their friend. Ah it was great. Lots of other stories with investigators, but it would take too long to write them all.

   This Friday we did service for a member Family. We spent 5 hours cutting down the biggest tree you've ever seen (over 100 feet), then cutting it into litle slices with chainsaws, then splitting it with axes. Ah it was so great. Man Work. I felt like if I would have had a thick beard and some flannel plaid shirt it would have been perfect. Just call me Jedidiah the Lumberjack.

  Last night we went to Galevang. It's this little city in the middle of the biggest forest in Denmark, and is famous for being haunted. And I can stand as a witness that it IS haunted. Holy cow. I cant even explain what happened in this one abandoned house we went into. But we spent a good 40 minutes trying to get home that night, cycling through dirt trails in the middle of the thick misty forest. It looked like those scenes from Twilight. Except without all the hormones :) Haha but we got totally lost and thought we would never make it home. It was kinda spooky how we ended up getting home. We eventually came to this road that extended into infinity in both directions. You couldn't see the end due to the fog and absolute darkness. Then out of nowhere, we saw two figures. My Heart skipped a beat when I first saw them, just because there was an eerie mood about the night. But naturally, as missionaries, we decided to go talk to them. We had a great long discussion, told them about our church, and they pointed us in the right direction. We're going back to see them on T

hursday!! Haha the Spirit sure is a strange working GPS.

Anyway, I love you all. So does our Father in Heaven. Always remember that. And also remember this: A couple that runs together, stays together. Unless one is faster than the other. (Cue laughter from Dad and Grandad Bradshaw)

-Ældste Bradshaw

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