Monday, September 8, 2014


Can you believe it's already been two weeks?? The days sometimes feel like they drag on forever and it's all going so slow, but when you look back on it, it really is going by so fast.

Okay so here's what we did this week. Last monday was an incredible experience. We cycled out into the countryside to visit a less active Family and invite them to have Family night with us sometime. I took about an hour to get all the way out there, and they weren't interested at all. Elder Hooper and I were feeling pretty Down about that. So as we started cycling back to the station to go home, and we came to a fork in the road. We could either go right to get back to the station (which was the quickest way home and made the most sense) or we could go left and cycle all the way home (which would take waaay longer to do). We naturally went right seeing as it was getting dark and we needed to get home, but after a few minutes of cycling, we pulled over. The sun was setting and it looked absolutlely beautiful, so we decided to take a few Pictures. When we were done, I said to Elder Hooper that we should go back the other way and cycle the long way home so we could more fully enjoy the sunset as we rode through the rolling hills. So we headed back from where we came from and started the long trek home. There was nothing out there. You couldnt see houses for miles and miles. Every now and then we would pass one and knock on the door, but nobody was interested. Soon, the sun was completely gone Down, so we decided to stop knocking along the way and just book it home. As we were riding, the super old Nokia brick phone rang. Elder Hooper answered it, but because of the Wind, he couldnt hear the person on the other end, so we pulled over in a driveway that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was Josefina on the other end of the phone, and she called to tell us that her rabbit had died and that she would like us to pray for it, then she hung up. Elder Hooper and I looked at each other in confusion, then looked around us for a second. There was a big house at the end of the road with it's lights on. After a few moments of silence, Elder Hooper said "it's a sign. We have to knock this house". So we did. There was a single mother in that home with two children that were so happy to see us. They wanted to talk to us more, but it was late, so she invited us to come back. We stopped by on thursday to say hello. They're such a positive Family!! They love us and I'm telling you, we were lead to them. The son already told us he wants to be baptized. We're going to teach them the first discussion tonight!! They're such a great Family and I can't wait to go over Again.

  And that was only Monday!!! We've had Things like that happening every day this week! On saturday we had Elder Bednar come and visit our mission! An hour before our meeting he sent us a message telling us to prepare questions for him that we would ask the Saviour Himself if he were here. HOLY COW! Those are some big quesions, right?? So when he showed up for the meeting we were all waiting in the chapel in silence. When he took the stand, he told us that we could not repeat the Things that we were going to discuss in that room because they would be sacred and Deep principles! So I cant tell you exactly what was said in there, but trust me, it was incredible. We did Q&A for about 3 hours. So many crazy questions were asked and he answered them all without hesitation and with such power. What would you ask him? I actually want to know. Email me what you would have asked the Savior himself.

 After Bednar Elder Hooper and I went over to the Temple. We took the Ricks Family through for the first time. It was amazing! They're such great people and it was so good to see them all together in the Lords house. So peaceful.

On Wednesday I went on splits with Elder Lester in Helsingøre. We have an investigator over there called Lars WHO is a crazy fitness teacher at a local gym. He's had a six pack since he was 6 and will probably have one until he's 66. Anyway our deal with him was if we could keep up with one of his fitness classes, he would come with us to church. So we get to the gym and he tells us we're doing intense uphill biking. For an HOUR AND A HALF! Oh my goodness. He said that as long as ONE of us finished and didnt take any breaks, he would come to church, It was the most intense workout I've ever had. My legs were literally on fire and about 10 minutes before the end, ELder Lester got a really bad cramp and had to give up. It was all up to me now! Haha luckily I finished it and his Whole Family is coming to church now. We went home and he fed us that night. I played guitar for his Family. They're great. Oh and they have 15 kittens running around the house!! Haha it was cat heaven. I loved it.

Okay enough blabbering. Have a great week everyone. I know I will. Denmark is amazing. The air is so fresh here you can eat it for lunch breakfast and dinner.

I love you all!

-Ældste Bradshaw

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