Tuesday, September 2, 2014


   I'm finally in Denmark!! Sorry it's been so long since you've heard from me. The trip over here skipped my P-day. Okay... where do I begin.

We left the MTC very early on monday morning. There was a strange quietness outside that morning. The Temple was the only light we could see as we drove away on the bus. They took us to the TRAX which we took all the way to the SLC Airport. Ahh I loved being in the airport again. They're just great Places. I basically just slept and studied on the first flight to Chicago. Then there was a slight delay getting to Heathrow, so when we finally landed in London, we missed our last flight to Copenhagen. They then booked us onto the NeXT departing flight which was 4 hours away, so we just hung out there in the airport where we met all of the missionaries coming home from Denmark!! Haha that was weird to think how far away that was for me. But the gave us some great advice.

When we finally landed in Copenhagen, they had lost 3 of the Elder's luggage. So that took a long time to figure out, then President Seiderholm was waiting for us outside. He took us to his home where we ate dinner and had a testimony meeting, then straight to bed. That NeXT morning they took us to the chapel in Copenhagen where we met our companions! They lined us up on either side of the room like we were choosing teams in PE.. Haha my Heart was racing. My Companions name is Elder Hooper. He's from SLC and has been out here for about a year now. He's such a nice guy. Very obedient and hard working.... not tons of fun... but that's not what it's about right? He's really good at talking to Danes, so I'm excited to learn his tricks. I probably wouldn't survive without him. I felt like I was soooo good at Danish in the MTC but I was not ready for this. It's so much different when you hear a real Dane speak. I can barely keep up in most conversations.

So Once I got my companion, we took a bus then another bus then a train a bus and another bus to get to our house :) We live in a members basement. Just the two of us. It's a mess.... I can't beleive how messy it was. Like holy cow, mum, if you thought I was messy, you need to see this place. So I'm teaching my companion how to clean up and do dishes and sweep the floor and such. You'd be proud mum. And we have rubbish food. We're going shopping today and I plan on reinventing our stock. I Cook most of the time.

So once we dropped off my luggage at the house, we went straight to my first lesson!!! Guys! I taught a lesson after just a few hours of being in the field!! I Was NOT expecting that. Her name is Josefina. She's 20 years old, loves to party with her friends, smokes, but it quite interested in the church. She's been taking discussions for a few weeks now. I think we could get her to be baptized to be honest. She know's its all true, just isnt ready to give up her óld life. Anyway I couldn't understand anything in that first lesson. Luckily we had a kid from the Ward come teach with us so him and Elder Hooper took the lead. That was good.

Then right after that we went and taugh another lesson!!!! Holy cow I couldnt beleive how quickly we just dove into the Work. This Next guy is called Nozar. He and his Family are from Iran and Things are going really well with him. That was actually the first lesson that they had been taught, so it was cool to be apart of it. We've taught him twice since then and are going to see him again tomorrow. He has a prettty rough life because of a bunch of Iranian political drama. I dunno. I don't speak Danish, remember?

I won't tell you everyone we teach, but all in all we teach about twice a day. We're a lot busier than i expected. When we aren't teaching, we either knock houses or contact on the GO-gale (that translates to go-street, so basically it's just a outdoor walking mall). Just the other night I contacted two Young Guys walking away from the bar laughing their heads off. They didn't seem aproachable at first and my companion said not to do it, but I did anyway and we ended up talking to them for 45 minutes and now we're going to see one of them on Wednesday!! The other lives across the country.

We were taking buses everywhere for the first two days, which was miserable. So I went and bought my bike! Now we cycle everywhere!! Like sooooooo much biking. My legs are killing me. Just yesterday we biked to church which is about an hour ride, then came home and realized the keys were in my suit jacket at the chapel so we had to do it all over again!! It was insane. And we hadn't eaten yet that day and it was about 3PM so we were starving!! So we knew we wouldnt make it to the chapel with the energy we had, so we stopped by a members house and asked for something. She happily gave us what Little chips and Ghram Crakers she had left. We ate in the stairwell of her Apartment Building. Now that is a lunch I will never forget. When we finished eating we continued on our journey to the chapel, and ended up making 3 knew contacts along the way!! It's almost as if the Spirit was guiding me to forget the keys ;) haha jk that's just forgetful old me.

AHHHHH I feel like I'm probably forgetting tons of stuff.... SOOO much has happened this last week. I can't get my head around it. OH! You wouldn't beleive how much it rains here. We were biking the other day and it poured Down!! I honestly looked like I had just jumped in a pool when we got to our appointment. It was awesome! I love rain. I'm going to buy a raincoat today, so that's good. If you have any questions for NeXT week lemme know! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Ældste Bradshaw

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