Monday, September 15, 2014


Sup everyone?
Guess what? Two months ago from TODAY, I was set apart as a missionary. Woah. They went by pretty quick, huh? It did for me. Kinda. Actually I don't know. I look back and it seems like it's been quick but sometimes I feel like time drags on and on. It's hard to explain. Time isn't really the same out here. You're just constantly in the middle of everything.
Sidenote: Sorry if any of my grammar or spelling is off. These Danish keyboards don't recognize English and try to change everything to Danish.
Anyways, remember that magical Family we found out in the countryside last week? We went back for our appointment this last monday, and you won't believe what we found. The mum, Maria, has already read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon. Crazy right? Turns out she's an accomplished author (she's super rich) and the book she is currently working on is set in Provo Utah!!! Haha it's about this crazy guy that comes from a crazy strict FDLS Family out in rural Utah that becomes a serial killer! Apparently every single one of his killings is somehow related to a line in the Book of Mormon! Super weird that we found her. Anyway, whilst researching our religion, she decided that she really liked what she found. Her youngest son, Gabriel (!!!), is just turning  11 and she said that she wants him to have the same standards that we have because she's worried that he'll get lost otherwise. So she ended up inviting herself to come to church sometime and Things are going great with them!
This last Tuesday was my first Zone Training. Afterwards we played a Futbol match out on this field underneath a train overpass. It was super cool. We had enough people for a full 11 v 11 game. My team lost 5-4, but guess how many goals I scored..... 4 ;) gotta show these Americans what's up. It was hard without good ol Ældste Amos out on the wing with me.
Ummmmm lets see, Mum, I was getting sick of all this nasty missionary food my companion kept making, so I decided to take charge and make a famous Meg Bradshaw dish. I went for your Classic chicken curry. It was hard because we dont have the exact ingredients that I'm used to at home, but I improvised and I gotta say.... you got some competition Mum. It was super good. We're going shopping today and I'm trying to do my best to remember the ingredients for your pavlova. We have a Ward party this saturday and we're having a cake competition! If I could muster up one as good as yours we would win for sure.
Yeah so we've taught lots more lessons, but it's really hard. The Danish people just aren't interested in the Gospel as much as the rest of the World. They seem to have everything they think they need already, so they aren't Humble or prepared. So that's rough. Don't expect tons of miracle baptism stories from me. Maybe á few gems here and there, but not a ton. Also, there's just a ton of old people here in Denmark. Haha is that rude to say? I dont think so. I love em, but there are some really grumpy ones. We met a lady named Hanne by the bus stop on saturday night that missed her bus, so we helped her create a new route home and then invited her to church. She said she would love to come! Haha so we took her to church the very NeXT morning. She smoked about 6 cigarettes on the way there, and as she was about to light another one on the way through the front doors, we had to stop her!! It was super funny. ALso she's very touchy. My companion had to move seats at one point. I laughed so hard at him. But she had a great time in church and was even in tears at one point. Today is her birthday so we're going to go see her for a bit.
But ya, all is well in Denmark. It rains a lot, but I love it. We knocked doors for about 2 hours the other night in the pouring rain. I would give my Little shpeel at the front door as rain dripped off the tip of my nose and my feet sopped around in soggy socks. It was great! We got a few potential investigators, but I think it was only because they felt bad for me. I'm going to keep using that technique I think.
I love you all so much!! Keep writing!

-Ældste Bradshaw

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