Monday, September 22, 2014


Hellllloooooo from Hillerød!
Another great week out here in Denmark!! The rain is really pouring today, but other than that the weather has been superb! You wouldn't believe the moon that we saw last night. Remember that one we saw in Mexico? Yeah it was waaaay more orange than that. It was awesome.

Last P-day we went Down to Copenhagen to do some sight-seeing. Wow. I love that city.  I had been there before but I hadn't really seen it due to the fact that I was always busy with missionary stuff, but we took the whole district Down there and just played tourist for the day. We went to the church that has the Kristus Statue and all of his apostles, including Paul holding the keys. That was a nice place. So peaceful and quiet. We also went to the World’s biggest Lego store while we were there! Haha we were all gathered around a big bin of Legos Building who knows what. It must have been quite the sight because everyone was staring at us. It turned out to be a good thing because a lady working there came and talked to us for a while and had tons of questions about the church! I'll never forget the time I gave the first discussion over a massive Lego bin. After that we went to Newhavn, which is that famous spot in Denmark with all the colorful houses and boats right on the Water. I'll include a Picture. The atmosphere was incredible there! There were people playing accordions and Spanish guitars as you walked alongside the docks, breathing in the brisk sea air. It was just great.

On Tuesday I went on some splits with one of the Zone leaders and we had quite the experience whilst knocking doors. We knocked this door and the man yelled for us to come in. We hesitantly walked through the door and into his living room, where he told us to sit Down. His place was a mess. There were empty vodka bottles on his coffee table and trash everywhere. We sat Down and told him who we were, then he started telling us his life story.... He comes from some Asian country, but has lived in Denmark his Whole life. He speaks about 12 different languages and was very intelligent. Unfortunately, his entire Family had left him when he divorced his wife and he was completely alone. I've never seen a lonelier man in my life. The sad thing is, he has terminal cancer, and only months to live.... So we read from Alma 11 with him and told him that Christ knew EXACTLY how he felt. As he read the scripture, he burst into tears. He sat there sobbing for a good 3 minutes before he could compose himself. We had another appointment so we closed with a prayer and told him we would come back in 2 days. I won’t be the one going back seeing as I was on splits, but I'll never forget that man.

We had my one month mission reunion on Friday! The mission president gathered together all of the 12 missionaries from my MTC Group in Copenhagen and let me tell you, it was soooooooo good to see them all. I honestly consider those kids to be my Family now. We all shared stories and talked about how CRAZY mission life is. It was great to have people to relate to. We all went through the Copenhagen temple after the meeting and let me tell you, and endowment session in Danish is extremely difficult. But it was so nice to be in the Lord's house. Later that night we had an appointment with a couple in Allerød, He comes from England and serves in the Parachute department of the Danish army. She's an ex-bikini model. (she stopped when she found the church) And guess what!! We set a baptism date with her! Thing is we won’t be the ones doing the baptism. He has a Brother on a mission and they want him to do it, so we're turning them over to other missionaries now.

We had a Ward party on Saturday night to which we brought Josefine! It went great! Everyone really made an effort to fellowship her and she had a great time. Apparently the entertainment for the night was supposed to be provided by the missionaries, but the had neglected to tell us!! Haha so the six of us had to entertain a crowd of 100 people for a good hour without ANY preparation. We did some improv comedy and luckily someone had a guitar so I played for a while. It was nuts. But they all loved us and laughed at our efforts. We had a great time. The NeXT day at church we had 6 investigators come! Haha we weren't expecting a single person to show up that week and then SIX of them did!! It was great.

Anyway I won’t continue to bore you with my stories, but it’s all going great out here. We have an appointment tonight with our Golden Family and the Bishop is coming! Should go great.
Have a great week everyone!! The book is blue and the Church is true!

Love you all

-Ældste Bradshaw

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