Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hmmmm I don't even know what to say right now. So much has happened since last Monday and my mind is currently blank..... 
Transfers just happened. Elder Nelson and I are staying together but we helped everybody move. Whilst at the huge Copenhagen station we met this hot young Mormon couple from Utah! It was our P-day, and I really wanted to just hang out with them, so we ditched everyone else and showed them around Denmark. It was super fun. Oh and last Monday we went to Tivoli, the world’s oldest amusement park! That was soooooooooo fun! Dang, Denmark is awesome. I'm super lucky. 
Oh duh!! We just had Christmas!!! Almost forgot. It was so incredible to see the family. Love you guys. But surprisingly, that wasn't the best part about Christmas. It was weird because I have been looking forward to skype since day 1 of the mission, but the best thing about this Christmas was much more personal. It's actually quite difficult to explain. I just felt like the distance between the Savior and I was so.... miniscule. Nonexistent even. It was so weird to spend a Christmas with His name stapled to my chest. Right on top of my heart. I really got to know my big brother. It was absolutely beautiful. He will always be my best friend. 
Anyway. The *H* family should be getting baptized very soon here. So that's neat.
Also it snowed like crazy so Denmark is now a winter wonderland. So that's neat too. 
Everything is cold and cycling in snow is impossible. I love it.
-Elder Bradshaw

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