Monday, January 5, 2015


Godt Nyt År alle sammen!!!!!!! Det er 2015!!!!!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!! It's finally 2015, the only full year that I will be spending on my mission! Oh boy was New Year’s eve a fun one. I love the way that the Danish people celebrate. In Utah it's so dry, so nobody does fireworks, but here, because of the constant rain, everything is wet, so EVERYONE buys and lights their own fireworks. You would not believe how many fireworks they light! Just imagine the stadium of Fire going off in each individual house! You can look out to the Horizon and just see fireworks non-stop for hours on end. It was incredible. We were with a member Family with 4 girls aged 14, 16, 17, and 19. As you can imagine, 4 missionaries going over to a house full of Young Danish girls on New Year’s eve was quite the spectacle. We had a great time :)
The only thing you need to Watch out for is the streets. Denmark consumes more alcohol per capita than any country in the World, and especially on New Year’s. There were sooo many drunk people. It was absolutely hilarious taking the train home at 1 am and seeing all of these drunkards trying to keep their balance on the constantly stopping train. Haha I love drunk people.
The *H* Family has been progressing unbelievably fast. Unfortunately, *V* has yet to get permission from her father to be baptized, but it will come. We pray for it multiple times a day, so it will come. She's almost done with the Book of Mormon and has been loving it! *M* finished a long time ago, and also has a strong testimony of its truthfulness. Ahh I love the Book of Mormon. It's just so good. There is no way that Joseph Smith could have written it himself in the short time that he had. It has to have come from God. No doubt.
So much happened this week but I'm drawing a blank right now. As usual. Oh well :) Love you all!! Have a great 2015!

-Elder Bradshaw

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