Monday, January 12, 2015


Wow what an incredible week!!
So at the beginning of the week, Elder Nelson got quite sick. We actually had to spend Monday and most of Tuesday inside. But that didn't hold us back from performing some good old miracles!! Tuesday afternoon we went Down to Copenhagen to pick up our new phone (our old one broke) and while we were in the mission office, one of the senior missionaries walks in and says ''I need two Elders right now to come with me to the hospital. We have another senior missionary that might be on his death bed''. Well, Elder Nelson was sick, so he wasn't able to go, but there was another missionary in the office waiting for his companion to come out of his interview with president, so we arranged a quick splits and Elder Call and I went with the man to the hospital. We got to this senior missionary’s bed and after chatting for a while, proceeded to give him a Blessing.
Elder Call was the one to do it, and for some reason, he said it all in Danish. I thought that was strange considering that this senior missionary couldn't understand Danish, but he was still glad for the Blessing. Not long after we said Amen, a man lying in his sick bed across the room chirped up and said ''hey! What was that all about?'' (In Danish of course). We explained to him what a priesthood Blessing was and he said ''well I want one!'' So we gave him one!! Haha it was an incredible experience. A true miracle. We gave him our info and said we would come back and visit him soon.
But that's not all that has happened this week! Even though we have spent so much time indoors due to sickness and crazy storms, we have been able to teach more lessons than ever before!! We have truly been blessed by our loving Heavenly Father. Ah I just love him so much :)
Anyways, stay tuned for next week to hear about Jessica’s baptism. Hopefully it all goes to plan!
Love you all!!

-Elder Bradshaw

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