Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Okay so first off, not that it matters or anything, but I have been on my mission for 187 days!! That's just over 6 months! My mission is now the same length as a sister missionary!!! Haha that sure feels weird...
This last Saturday was my exact 6 month mark, and what better way to celebrate than with a baptism!!! That's right, *J* is officially dunked!! Two times actually! Her foot came up the first time, just like with me and Amelia :) But wow it was just an incredible day... I remember when I first got here and she was a hardcore atheist. She was miles away from ever getting baptized. She's been meeting with missionaries for over a year now, so it really was incredible to see her finally make the decision. The thing with *J* though is that she is more like a mother to the missionaries than she is an investigator. She is best friends with every missionary she ever meets.
Consequently, she wanted all of her missionaries to come back for her baptism, so there were over 15 missionaries there! It was without a doubt the most spiritual baptism I've ever been to. Even better than my own! *J* is such a dear friend of mine and I just love her so much that my joy was absolutely full that entire day. It was also a great opportunity for all of our other investigators to come and witness and feel that incredible spirit of happiness. Ahhhh... I love missionary Work. It's slowly making the World a better/happier place.
Other highlights this week include the Work with our new pal *M*. He's a bloke from Australia that's lived in Denmark most of his life, and let me tell you, I have never seen anyone that has been so prepared for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He's just ready!! We invited him to baptism last night and he said ''Ja, selv følgelig! Jeg synnes det er bare helt fantastisk!!'' Basically he said yes!! Can't wait! Also, Josefine has completely stopped smoking now!! She's been clean for two strong weeks!! Woohoo! The Lord DOES Work miracles!
I love you all and I know your Savior does too :)
Until next week,

Ældste Bradshaw 

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  1. Jed and "J" both look overjoyed. The Spirit is sparkling out of this picture. Amazing, wonderful!