Monday, May 18, 2015


Gooday mate!

Gee willakers what a great week it has been!! I'll tell you what folks, NOTHING is better than being a missionary. Where else in the world can one work so hard and get so much satisfaction out of it?? Nowhere!

Well this week our great friend *M* went through the temple for his first time to receive his endowments!!! I wish you could all see how far *M* has come in his life. When I first went into *M's* house, you couldn't even walk your way through to his kitchen because it was such a mess. He had been inactive for about 12 years and had become quite the alcoholic. Now he comes to church EVERY single week, pays his tithing, has a calling as the Young Men’s president, just got his endowments out and is planning on getting sealed in the temple to his new fiancé this summer!! It's so incredible to see such rapid progression take place in this man's life. I love him with all my heart! I'm hoping to be selected as the best man at the wedding ;)

We've also seen a little progression with our pal *P* this week. He took Elder Taylor and I out to his favorite private golf course for our last lesson! It was such a blast! Playing 18 holes and talking about the church. Nothing beats it. Pure serenity.

We had Zone training this week. Lots of big changes are going to be coming up in the mission soon. We have about 15 Elders going home this transfer and only 4 coming in, so the mission is going to have to shut Down a few areas... Let’s hope it's not Nykøbing!

Sorry I don't have much time or much to say this week. I promise to write a nice big fat email next week :)

I love you all!!

-Elder Jed Bradshaw

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