Monday, July 13, 2015


So some exciting things have happened this week! There are some BIG changes going on in the mission since President O'Bryant got here. He's really shaking things up! But in a good way! First of all, he's completely getting rid of the entire ''leadership ladder'' concept. Basically what this means is that a greenie missionary with no leadership experience can be called to Assistant and Zone leaders can be called down to be regular guys. It should make for an interesting transfer!
This Wednesday was a neat experience for me. We were at a members house all day long to do service. The members are *H* and *L* Graabek, and are VERY old. *H* is in his late 80's and has some severe heart problems, and it turned out to be a very good thing that we were over that day to help with service. He was have a particularly bad day and could hardly make it from the car to the front door without having to sit down and catch his breath. He said that he did not feel good at all, and promptly asked for a blessing. Well, Elder Gudmundson could hardly even understand that part, so it was obvious that it would have to be me giving yet another blessing in my broken Danish. So we laid our hands on his head and gave him a blessing that he would be healed straight away so he could accomplish the things he needed to that day. And it worked. He stood up with breath back in his lungs and we were able to accomplish the massive work load that we had ahead of us!! The priesthood is real.
   OH!! I almost forgot. We have this new lady we're working with. Okay it's a cool story. She was contacted a few days ago by the missionaries in Copenhagen right outside the temple!! She was in the middle of a conversation when she was contacted  with some other lady. I guess this other lady was a member because she was teaching her the plan of salvation on a bench right outside the temple!! Well they got her info and it turns out she lives in our area. So we knocked on her door and went over EVERYTHING and she's ready for baptism!! She has a cousin in Utah that sent her a Book of Mormon a while ago and they have been talking via Facebook for a while and she's been taught everything! She said she believes it all and would love to be baptized ASAP. Unfortunately ''ASAP'' is 3 weeks minimum. So that will be yet another baptism right after I leave, but hey it's all good :)
 *T* came to church this Sunday again :) He's doing so well, just progressing kinda slowly due to the fact that he isn't reading the Book of Mormon as fast as he should be and he refuses baptism until after he as finished the book. But on Saturday we played basketball with him and a bunch of his African friends! It was so much fun. We also made dinner for them and showed them how to make bacon. They had never seen it before! Can you believe that?
Anyway, things are going great. I'm now in my last days of Nykøbing (or so I hope. I have been here since January...) and things are going great! I can't wait to see what the future holds!!
I love you all!!! Have a great week!!
-Ældste Bradshaw

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