Friday, July 24, 2015


Godmorgen alle sammen!! Er det ikke en dejlig dag? Solen skinner... Hvad mere kunne man ønsker?

It's been a crazy week! We had our first zone training with President O'Bryant. Well... First zone training under his reign because he wasn’t actually there. He's been busy traveling all over Denmark interviewing every single missionary in their apartments! But it was a very good training! We have a massive focus on finding new investigators right now and the goal is to hit the standard of excellence as a zone. Luckily our wonderful district has been hitting that for weeks now, so no worries there.  After training we went on splits with some missionaries up on Sjælland (the Eastern Island in Denmark) because Elder Gudmundson had to take his language test in Copenhagen to make sure that he can stay in the country. Don't worry, we're pretty sure he passed. As he was in the exam room I had a nice long chat with the lady running the testing center and she told me how amazed she was that us missionaries learn their language so quickly. It takes years and years to master, yet here we are after 3 months taking the test and acing it. I was able to testify to her that it is because we are authorized servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and that we receive tungemålsgaven (the gift of tounges). Holy cow she was blown away when I used a word like that...

This week we've been blessed with 3 new investigators. Two of them are from Iraq and speak very little Danish, but have a strong Desire to come to church next week, so that's great! *T* came to church Again this Sunday. I really feel that he is moving slowly but surely towards the idea of baptism. The more he reads in the Book of Mormon, the harder of a time he has to deny what we are telling him. This Sunday we talked about baptisms for the dead. I flipping LOVE baptisms for the dead! It really is such a beautiful idea. If God really is a loving God, it just makes sense that he would give EVERY single one of his children the chance to return to him. It's a pretty tough idea to combat.

Well, let’s get the trunky news out of the way. Yes, I've been on my mission for just over a year now... woohoo! Haha it really isn't that big of a deal, but out of tradition we had to burn a White shirt to celebrate, so we did. We also did something terrible. Elder Gudmundson and I broke our diet that we've been doing so well at and went to a chinese buffet...... Let me just say these wise Words of truth. You NEVER leave a buffet happier than when you went in. Ever.

Shout out to everyone that sent an email wishing me a happy birthday!! I really do apologize if I didn't reply to you. There are just SO many of you, but know that I love you all individually and am inexplicably grateful for all of the love and support. I just don't have enough time! Haha it's a weird concept.. I'm on my mission for 2 years which is the longest amount of time that I've given to anything, yet I don't have time to write some stinking emails.

I have a testimony of the gospel and of the happiness that it brings to individuals and families, and the path that it helps to keep them on. Don't forget to try and keep the gospel a living part of your life. It's not just a good church that we go to, and it's not just a good book that we read. Share it with everyone and their dog, even if it's just through your example! :) The church is incredible my friends! Have a great week and don't forget to tell someone you love them!

I love you all!!! Have a great week :)

-Ældste Jed David Bradshaw

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