Monday, July 6, 2015


Hola!! Como Estas??
Happy fourth of July!!! I hope you all celebrated sensibly without excessive amounts of alcohol. Danes are not very good at that. I miss seeing good clean fun parties. But this week has been just... woah!! Crazy!! We've been teaching *T* and *M* as always and they were both in Church again this Sunday, so that's great! Earlier in the week we were on splits with the Elders in Slagelse and that went surprisingly well! Elder Lester and I were just on fire! We knocked for ages, but unlike your average knocking session, we taught lesson after lesson after lesson! We were on fire!! People just kept on letting us in! And the best part was that we found 3 new people in OUR area!! They were just visiting friends in Slagelse for the day and we have appointments with them now when we get back to Nykøbing!
Okay but the craziest part was meeting the new Mission President on Thursday... I honestly feel like I just started my mission over again in a new mission! It's quite strange. I like the guy a lot, but he's just so different from President Sederholm. But it gets me excited!! He has lots of new ideas and has a great vision for what this mission is capable of. Oh and his wife is great!! I don't know why but she reminds me of my Mum. Probably because she's so pretty and kind and smart and Chirstlike ;).
Oh my if you know any fan salesmen, please hook me up. It is SOOO hot right now!! We've been dying for the last 4 days in this insane heat. I do NOT have enough short sleeved shirts for this. C'mon Denmark, make up your mind! But then last night was the biggest rain and thunder storm I've ever seen!! It came at 10:20 at night, so Elder Gudmundson and I had just enough time to go running out in the rain. It was so much fun!
 Umm I dunno what else to say. I always have tons to say during the week, but then I forget it all on Monday. I think it's something all missionaries suffer from.
 Well I love you all more than you know!! Have a great week!!

-Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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