Monday, August 10, 2015


Crazy week!!

Things are still just moving 1 billion miles an hour. I feel like I haven't been able to stop and smell the roses in a long time now, but in a really good way if that makes any sense. Every morning we get up and run like crazy! We love running, then plan for about 5 lessons a day during studies, then it's out the door at 10:30 and from then until 9pm that night we are just all over the place. Bus to train to bike and talking to EVERYONE along the way. That's something that I've really developed recently; a love for talking to people. The bus system here is amazing and we just meet so many different people every day as we hop from bus to bus. 

The ward here is great! They're really good at coming out and teaching with the missionaries! We had 11 member present lessons this week, which is huge for Denmark! Our teaching pool is just massive... The city of Århus usually has 4 Elders working it, but they closed down one of the areas so we're working both of them at the moment. We literally have more investigators than we could ever hope to teach. But it's great because that means we can focus all of our attention on the really positive ones. A man was baptized just a few weeks ago in the area and it looks like we will be having another one in another few weeks! His name is Sampson and he's just terrific. 

We've also had tons of great success just by talking to people on the streets. Just yesterday we missed our bus my 2 seconds, so we had to walk home. Good thing too because we crossed paths with this older couple out for a walk. We asked them if they had faith in Jesus Christ. They did. We asked what it meant for them. The man bore his powerful testimony for us right there on the street as he was in tears and we were able to pray with him and his adorable wife right then and there. There was a large group of young Danish teenagers shouting at us from across the street the entire time (trying to make fun of us) so when we finished our conversation with this couple, we crossed the street and had a chat with the kids. Haha you should have seen how surprised they were as we walked over to them. One of the kids was 18 years old and we ended up getting his address and a time to come over to talk. Boom! I ain’t afraid of no teenagers!

Anyway, things are going so well. I'm happy healthy and hip. Time is flying by.

Have a great week!! I love you all!

-Ældste Bradshaw

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