Monday, August 31, 2015


What an amazing week!!! I can't possibly fit it all into one email, and I know I say that every week, but it's true. There are miracles happening 24/7.

This week was Elder Clawson's last week as a missionary, so we set some very big goals at the beginning of this week so he could go out with a bang. Mine and Elder Clawson's companionship has been the very definition of hard work. We haven't slowed down once. Haven't looked back. We have put absolute trust in the promise from the Savior that he will go before us to prepare the way, and oh how the way has been prepared. We've found more people than I've ever found before on my mission. And consistently. We teach all the time and have been able to travel all over Denmark to teach alongside with the Elders in our Zone. It's been an incredible experience. I think this transfer I've learned the simplicity of the gospel. If we just do what the Lord asks of us EXACTLY, then he's bound and the blessings just flow naturally. There's no secret passageways of ingredients. We can hold the recipe to happiness in our hands. I love being obedient. 

This week we had some great progress with *J*. We having been working on making his apartment a place where the Spirit can always be. We gave him some Mormon Tabernacle Choir to listen to and some pictures of Christ and the temple to hang up..... and he's completely changing now! We were over there on Friday and in the middle of the lesson he told us he was ready for baptism and asked me if I would baptize him. Well, he still has a long ways to come with the Word of Wisdom, but he has the desire so we set the date with hopes that it will encourage him. As of now, *J* will be getting baptized on the 3rd of October. And all this because we put up some pictures and changed his music!

Sunday was Elder Clawson's last day, so the night before we prayed long and hard about a street that we could knock for his last knocking session on his mission. We haven't yet had the chance to knock together, so we were very excited! We found a street on the map called Høstvej, which being translated means ''Harvest street''!!! Boom!! Time to harvest baby. We were blessed with the Spirit and had an incredible knocking session. Everyone was listening and we were able to pray with a few people at their doorsteps, but the reason that we were lead to that street came with the last house. We met a lady there by the name of *M* from Chile! As soon as I heard that I used what little Spanish I knew to try and impress her, then quickly switched back to my comfortable Danish. (haha I guess I'm not quite at the Elder Kersey state) We found out that she was a member a few years ago but because of offenses, she left the church. We asked her if she still believed. She did. We then told her that God knows that she believes and expects her to act on that faith. She started crying! I thought maybe we had been too bold, but she smiled through the tears and told her that she knew we were right. We prayed with her and are now coming back to do some yard work for her. God leads us to where we're needed!! 

I love this gospel so much. My testimony has grown to the point that I can feel the swelling motions that the Book of Mormon talks about, but ALL THE TIME. I love it. I have never felt closer to my big brother Jesus Christ. I know this is his work and can constantly feel his thankful arms wrapped around me. Although I don't understand why he's so grateful... I should be the one thanking him for what he's done! Oh well. I'll just hug him back even harder.

I love you all!! Have a great week!!

-Ældste Bradshaw

Oh and by the way, my new companion is here. His name is Elder Vance and comes from Texas!

This is *L*. She's an investigator that belongs to another church here in Århus. The girl next to me is *D* who is a member here. She helps us teach Liv because they're both close in age :)

P-Day shopping!!

Streets of Aarhus

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