Monday, August 24, 2015


Well surprise surprise, my life is still moving at 175,783,983,301 miles a minute. How's this for busy: from Monday to Friday I wasn't even in my area!! Not once! We've just been traveling like crazy because 1.we had a mission conference in Copenhagen and 2. we've been doing splits with every missionary in the zone. 

Mission Conference was incredible though! We got a nice little visit from a General Authority!! Elder Dyches from the quorum of the 70! You might remember him from 2 conferences ago... he gave a talk. Anyway he was here in Copenhagen! So on Wednesday he addressed the entire mission and it was just amazing! It was nice to see so many missionaries together, especially us twelve from my original MTC district. Tons of fun and so spiritually uplifting. 

Then on Thursday Elder Dyches held a more personal training with the Zone leaders. It was so great. Just 8 of us in a small room with a servant of the Lord at our disposal. We asked him tons of questions and he gave phenomenal advice for our mission. He told us how impressed he was with us. He said we are the most obedient mission he has ever seen in Europe and maybe even the world!! I don't know how many missions he's seen though... but it was nice to hear because that's something we work really take pride in. 

But the best part about the Elder Dyches visit was after the Leadership training. He picked ONE companionship out of the entire mission to interview one on one, and what do you know, he chose to interview Elder Clawson and I!!! Haha woah... it was a little nerve racking, but so great! He gave me lots of advice for my mission and for what I should be doing with my life when I come home. He said that he wants me to understand that a mission is only the launching pad that accelerates me into a happy and successful life. I believe him. After the interview we had the blessing of being able to go through the Temple. It was so beautiful and just what I needed to gather all of my thoughts. No matter where I am in the world, I ALWAYS feel at home in the Temple of the Lord.

So... with all of the inspiration and motivation we got from the meetings, we finally got one day in our area to work. Saturday. And oh boy did we work. Elder Clawson and I just taught lesson after lesson after lesson all day long. We didn't have anything but our own hard work to rely on, and we taught 9 lessons that day!! I didn't even realized how much we had taught until at 9:20 at night as we sat on a bus going home, I sat down for the first time that day for more than 5 minutes and just shouted out loud in joy to Elder Clawson as it hit me how much we had taught! I've never taught more than 5 lessons on my mission in one day (without splits) and we taught 9!! Oh man... I love my Heavenly Father. He's blessing us so much and we hardly have time to acknowledge it. 

I love being a missionary. I love the Holy Temple. I love that we have inspired prophets in our church today. I love working hard. And most of all I love the power of the Atonement. 

I love you all!! Have a great week!!

-Elder Bradshaw

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