Monday, August 17, 2015


What. A. Week. I'm exhausted... yet I've never felt better! We have just been so insanely busy!! Aw man I LOVE this work! Where do I begin?

Monday: Copenhagen. We were on splits with the Assistants and were able to work with them in their area. I've got to say, I'm glad I'm serving in Århus and not Copenhagen, but we still had a great time! We taught a lady from China named *J* and a Danish man named *C*. 

Tuesday: Copenhagen and the train. We finished splits with the assistants and then made the 4 hour trek back to Århus in the train. I absolutely love trains. They're a great place for teaching. We taught a few lessons on the way home with some wonderful people. It's amazing how quickly you can get people to open up to two complete strangers. By the time we got back to our own area, it was already gone 9pm, so the first two days of the week were already gone and we had yet to work in Århus.

Wednesday: Amazing day!! First we taught *J*. When we got there he told us the wonderful news that he had decided to stop smoking because of what we said last time! He had already thrown out his cigarettes. Then we taught *R*. He's a massive Arab man who played on the national Iranian basketball team. Great man. Great heart. Then we taught *A*, a less active man full of knowledge and wisdom. We taught, the Spirit testified, and all were edified. Then we finished the day off with a textbook lesson with *S*, a man from Ghana who has recently decided to be baptized (we just got to get him to church first ;)). 

Thursday: Okay I've gotta start skipping stuff now because I don't have time to fit this all in. On Thursday I was on splits with a brand new missionary, Elder Gardner. We had a great time and taught all day long. That's the thing about Århus. You just never stop teaching. Then that night we had 8 Elders in our apartment because of Zone Training the next day. Needless to say, it was a crazy afternoon.

Friday: my first zone training!!! It went so well. I absolutely love our zone. Every single one of them. We trained on teaching skills, specifically asking inspired questions. Well, that was our given topic. We changed it to asking Christlike questions because he was the best at asking good questions. Then after training we had zone activity where we basically just played a ton of sports and had a blast. 

Saturday: Splits again. Didn't get to work our area. 

Sunday: insane. We had Salam in church which was great. I translated sacrament meeting for all of the visitors and english speakers through a head set. Then I was invited by one of the young men that was getting the priesthood to join in the circle for his ordination after church. I was honored. Then we went back to said young mans home afterwards for lunch. That night we ate dinner with a less active lady named *M*. She made me eat the biggest and thickest cake you've ever seen by myself!! And if you know me, you know that I don't like sweet things. Particularly cake. But I did it. I finished the whole cake by myself. But was so amazing about that night was after we were done eating. *M* has been having a really difficult time lately with some very personal things and asked me to give her a blessing. It was a very spiritual moment. I laid my hands on her head with Elder Clawson and something incredible happened. I felt the voice of the Lord speak through my mouth. I've never had such a strong out of body experience before. I promised her some very specific and bold blessings if she did some very specific things. I never would have said those things on my own... it felt amazing. I can testify that the power of the priesthood is real. I've seen it work time and time again on my mission and I'm so grateful for it. I wish you could have all been there because I can't describe what happened with words. Just know that it was incredible.

I love you all! Have a great week!

.-Elder Bradshaw

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