Monday, October 19, 2015



How are all you guys and gals doing?? It's a beautiful clear day here in Århus! It's been raining like crazy all week long, but today is just perfect. Today is also transfer day!! I'll be staying here in Århus for at least another 6 weeks so I'm not moving (WOOHOOO!!!), but we just finished getting all of the missionaries in the zone onto trains around the country. Let’s hope nobody gets lost this time. 

We had zone training on Thursday which went great, but to be honest it's always such a relief when they're over. Just so much to plan and worry about. We also had a district activity after the training where we carved pumpkins!! I've got to say that mine was pretty dang awesome.... I'll try to attach a picture if I can. But Halloween is coming up and... haha well it doesn't affect Denmark at all. But I think we're going to try to throw a Halloween party and see if we can't get the members excited about it.

It's strange being in Denmark during the holidays because they don't celebrate Halloween of Thanksgiving, so the ''holidays'' start in December. Don't worry though, we always find fun ways to celebrate something or another in the apartment. We currently have 7 carved pumpkins sitting on our eating table...

Our investigators are doing great! I think our biggest struggle is just trying to keep our teaching pool going even though we don't have much time for ourselves. But things are still going great despite the hindrances! We're trying to focus on the HOW instead of the WHY NOT.

We have two great families now that we teach from the Faroe Islands. Just this last week the young mother of one of the families gained a huge testimony of the plan of salvation through some miraculous story she just had! And she's loving the Book of Mormon! Mostly, we're just excited for the new transfer so we can start fresh with lots of things. Gosh this is so much fun!


I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Ældste Bradshaw

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