Monday, October 26, 2015


Hello beautiful people!

I don't have much time today, but I would like to share a little miracle with you that we experienced this week. As you know, Elder Vance and I have had some good relations going with this little congregation of people from the Congo here. Well once a year, they do as Christ commanded and they go out and preach the Gospel (basically they go street contacting once a year for an hour and call it good). They invited Elder Vance and I to tag along so they could learn from the pros, but we ended up breaking off from the main pack of them who were preaching violently to people on a busy walking street.

As we started doing our own thing, we walked into this tiny little alleyway in the middle of two ancient Danish homes on this cobble stoned street right next to a canal like the ones in Venice. As we walked through, there was a man standing there smoking a cigarette looking very contemplative. We approached him and started the contact in Danish as we always do, to which he replied ''sorry, what?''.

''Perfect'', we said ''we're from America! Do you speak English?'' Of course he did. We quickly found out that he was from Italy and was only here for the week due to the fact that his brother had just passed away who lived here in Århus and was here to attend the funeral. We showed sympathy, but immediately went into testifying about the great Plan of Salvation. He said that he had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he could see his brother again, but he said that it was definitely something he hoped for. BOOM! Perfect. Alma 32:21.

We testified to him that he would see his brother again and that their relationship and happiness could go on eternally if he would do some things that God has asked us to do. He desperately asked what he should do and said that he would do whatever it takes.... we taught him about baptism and enduring to the end and eternal covenants with God. He asked us where and when he could do these things!! Haha we said it would only take about 3 weeks to get started if the missionaries came often enough and he worked at it. By the end of the conversation his mind was set on doing whatever it would take to see his brother and mother and father again. We prayed with him and got his information to the missionaries in Italy. As he hugged us goodbye with tears in his eyes, I asked him what his name was. He replied ''Antonio''.

''And your brother?'' I said.


 I got a massive smile on my face as I thought of Jordan and Antonia and their new born baby Luca.

Anyway, that was the miracle for the week. I know that God leads us to certain people in our lives. His hand is in each and every one of our lives. He loves us all. I love you all so much :) I hope you know that. Have a great week!!

Elder Jed Bradshaw

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