Monday, November 2, 2015


Happy November everyone!!!

Holy cow how is it already November? It's been such a great week here! Just go go go every second of every day. It's mostly been crazy because of the fact that we hosted a MASSIVE family history event here in the Århus church building. It's the largest family history gathering in all of Denmark and is run completely by members and missionaries. At one point I believe there were 300+ non-members in that building!!! That's unheard of! We had lots of guest speakers come in to give presentations and the missionaries were running various booths around the church and answering any questions. All in all it was a huge success. We now have a massive list of people that would like the missionaries to come to their homes and teach them and their families how to use the Church's ''Family Search'' website! What a perfect missionary opportunity. 

The Denmark mission is actually doing a huge Family History push right now due to the fact that our mission president believes it is the key to the heart of the family loving Danish people. And I'm glad it is because in the process I've learned tons of great things about my own ancestors, especially after my lovely Nana Bradshaw sent me tons of great stories about my Danish ones. Family History work really is exciting!! If you haven't been on recently, I would highly recommend it. 

Otherwise, we've got some new and exciting investigators to work with. Especially one named Mr.T from Cambodia! He married a young Danish lady just a few months ago and they moved over here to Århus! We met him one night at a stop light as we were SPRINTING home to make it home on time. We were waiting at the red light, wheezing and heaving, and laughing, he asked us who we were. We told him we don't have time right now, but if you give us your number we can tell you another time. He gave it to us!! AND we made it home on time with 30 seconds to spare!! He's awesome and doesn't have any religious background at all, so it's been fun just teaching him the fundamentals. He has already attended Football on Saturday and Church on Sunday and really enjoyed it, so we'll see where that goes.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! I love you each and every one!!

Ældste Bradshaw

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