Monday, November 30, 2015


Well first I would like to address those of you that sent me an email this last week asking me what on earth is going on and why I was flying home.... I am NOT leaving Denmark. Ethan is the one flying out TO his mission (love ya bro). Apparently my Father thought it would be funny to mix up our email templates and send Ethan's email under my name. 

So to answer all questions: No. I will NOT be home for Christmas. Only in my dreams.

But speaking of Christmas, great things are happening in Århus around Christmas time! A new initiative just came out from the church with a new video that we can easily share with people to spread the Christmas spirit! It's a great tool. We have also seen LOTS of attention from the ward recently! They've all been quarreling over who gets to have us over for Christmas, so that means a ton of eating appointments :) Bring on the fleskersteg and brunkartoffler and rødkål!! 

Thanksgiving day was lots of fun. We had zone conference and waaaaay too much turkey. But President and Sister O'Bryant gave a great training about gratitude and it really struck me. I feel like I need to be more grateful towards God. Just imagine for a moment that when you wake up tomorrow morning, ALL that you would have would be the things which you had thanked God for the night before, and everything that you forgot to thank Him for would be gone. You probably wouldn't have very much left. I know it's a little drastic, but it illustrates how much God has given us. EVERYTHING we have comes from Him who wants to give in even more abundance. He truly does love us. 

I was in a city called Frederikshavn on Tuesday and we saw miracle after miracle after miracle. My favorite one for the day was the fact that we had received this referral from church headquarters the day before for a young man named *S*. We had his address, so we biked out 21 kilometers in the rain to get to his house. When we knocked on the door of this Danish cottage in the middle of thick woods, a woman answered. We asked if Søren lives here. She said ''ja, det plejer han at gøre...'' which means ''yes, he usually does...'' Apparently, *S* was currently living at a place called 'Brigham Young University' to study and had met Mormons. After he got to know what it was all about, he quickly hopped online and requested that missionaries be sent to his home address in Denmark!! His Mum was a little confused to see us at first, but quickly opened up!! We will now be coming back to teach the mother and children next week!!! God is a God of miracles!

I hope you are all staying nice and warm! Have a great week! Love you all!

Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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