Monday, November 9, 2015


Howdy Y'all,

Happy Monday!! I hope you are all healthy and happy! I certainly am! We just kick started our Monday with a great 5 mile run with our investigators Mr. T (the Colombian) and his wife *S* (the Dane)! Elder Vance and I have become avid runners actually. We were in Copenhagen this week for our Mission Leadership Council and we spent the night at President O'Bryant's house so we decided to invite him to go running with us in the morning. Of course he couldn't say no! You should have seen it... ha ha it was hilarious. President was the only one with a headlamp on (it was pitch black) and we went running through a thick forest so Elder Vance and I had to stay as close to President as possible in order to see where we were going!

Sunday was a great day this week. Mr. T showed up for the closing hymn of sacrament meeting but was able to attend guest class and priesthood meeting with us translating along the way. We've been encouraging the ward to invite their friends to church recently, and this Sunday, two of them brought people! One brought her boyfriend who really wants to come again and the other brought her best friend from Ghana!! It's so great when the members get involved in the work. It gets everyone more excited and it keeps the missionaries happy.

We've been trying to visit a member a day recently and we've really seen the trust between members and missionaries grow. They are inviting us over to their place more often to eat with their families, which is awesome! Especially this one family, the *T-Ns*, who have really taken a liking to us. And I don't know how, but the father *F* found a Hollow Bodies ad online some place and looked up everything about us. He then pranked me this last weekend by blasting one of our songs that he found on the internet right after we had blessed the food. He thought it was hilarious. I didn't. Good one *F*. Good one.

Oh a crazy thing happened this week!! As we were on our way to Copenhagen, standing in a packed train like canned sardines when *J* from Hillerød (my first area) ran up to me and tried to give me a big hug!! Ha ha I didn't know what to do! We had the Sister Training leaders with us and everything, so I kinda just stood there as she hugged my stone body. At first she reprimanded me for not talking to her after I left the area, so after I explained that I couldn't she told me some great news!! Apparently *M*, a man we found and spent months teaching in Hillerød, got baptized!! So that was a neat tender mercy for the day. 

This week has been a great testimony for me about the blessings that have to come to each and every one of us because of the restoration of Christ's Gospel to the earth. Just think how much it changes the way you and I live our lives every single day! It's beautiful. I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith was called in his imperfections to bring to pass a perfect and marvelous thing. 

But I hope you all have a great week!!! I love you ALL!!    

Ældste Bradshaw

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