Monday, November 16, 2015



God Mandag alle sammen!! It is getting CHILLY in Århus, but that can't keep our spirits down!! We've had such an awesome week with splits on the other side of the country to 6 hour zone trainings and everything in between! 

Zone training this week was all about family history work and how we can use it as a finding tool in our mission. There is tons of potential here with the people of Denmark because they LOVE their families and they have such a good system set up that makes it so easy for them to find their ancestors! 

Oh guess what?!? A couple of weeks ago when I was on splits here in Århus we contacted this lady on a bridge. She turned out to be a school teacher that was looking for someone to come and give a presentation to her students as they were beginning to study world religions!! Well this last week we finally made it out to her class!! She called them the class of ''misfit children'' as they were all struggling students of some sort. They had tons of questions for us and we just chatted openly for about two entire hours! By the end we had handed out several copies of the Book of Mormon and they had given us lots of hot dogs in return. It was awesome. Then as the teacher escorted us out of the building she took us to the principal and introduced us to him. He was so impressed by what we do that he insisted that we come back and present to more of his classes! Awesome!

We've had some exciting progress with our investigators, especially one man named *S*. He's *F's* best friend and this last Friday he invited us over to cook us some traditional Ghanaian food. It was delicious and after we ate we had the chance to share the message of the Gospel with him. He is now on date to be baptized on the 19th of December! He's such a great guy. 

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week!! I love you all!!!

Elder Bradshaw  

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