Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Well, yesterday (Sunday) was Valentine’s day. What a great day to be in church, renewing our covenants and talking about Jesus. Heaven knows we need it on such an awful day. To all you singles out there, I salute you. *moment of silence as trumpets play in the distance*

But despite being such an overbearing holiday, Sunday was actually fantastic!!! K*, our friend on baptismal date, came to church and had a great time. Then out of nowhere, one of the members in the Ward brought their friend to church. He attended sacrament meeting, guest class, and priesthood! We snagged his number as he left and set up an appointment to come and chat. He seems extremely positive! Way to go members! We also had one of our investigators show up for the last 5 minutes of church, but I'm fairly certain he only did that because he knew that we were having a pot luck right after church. Free food. Who wouldn't come? He's a Romanian fellow studying here and he literally lives of off things that he finds and scavenges. A real penny pincher. (not unlike David Bradshaw ;))

K* is progressing wonderfully. He was a light smoker when we first met him, but we gave him a priesthood blessing after our second appointment and now he hasn't touched a cigarette in 2 weeks!  In fact, he says that he can't stand the smell of them anymore! Miracles.

Things are going really well right now :) And really fast.... gosh darn it, I wish the clocks would slow down.

Have a great week peeps! Love you all!

Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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