Monday, February 8, 2016


Good Morning!!

This week has been great (has it never not been?)!!! Elder Dickson and I have been working hard and are already seeing the fruits of it all. On Tuesday we found a new investigator named K*. The story of how we found him is a miracle, but I don't have time for that, so here's the dealio: He's awesome and he wants to get baptized. His date is for March the 5th. Please pray for him :)

Church was wonderful. D*, H* and A* came. Not that any of you know who they are, but they're wonderful and I was very happy. Elder Dickson and I called an audible last minute with guest class and taught the fall of Adam and Eve. Haha that was a fun discussion.

We attended Young Mens this week and taught all of the Young men how to play American football at the bishops request. Problem is, I'm from England and my companion is not into sports, so neither of us knew what we were talking about. We ended up just going outside and playing rugby instead. That was much more fun! The kids loved it!

We got back in touch with a young man that was baptized 2 years ago but never came to church after his baptism. We were actually just making cold calls in the phones and came across him on accident. Well, we set up an appointment and went over there on Wednesday when I was on splits with Elder Amos. Wow. Powerful lesson. His name is S* and he is at a very low point in his life. But it's the perfect amount of low that he is sufficiently Humble to listen and change.

We talked about the atonement of Christ and the empowering effect it can have in our lives. He was in tears as he voiced how alone he felt. After a moment of stark silence, I told him that I know how he feels. I know just what it is like to feel alone and abandoned. I've experienced it. I described the pit of emptiness that I feel in my Heart, and we connected. But then I told him something even better. I told him that his Savior knows even more what he is going through. He knows perfectly and exactly how Sander feels. He continued to sob, but they slowly turned into tears of joy. The Spirit was so strong. Anyway... He's a great young man and is ready to come back to church, so we're going to keep working with him.

Otherwise, Elder Dickson and I have been working on a little project. Now that we have Slagelse Studios, we've decided to help the mission out and set all of the mission scripture masteries to song!! In Danish! That's been lots of fun.

Well, I love you all! Have a great week!

Ældste Jed Bradshaw

The one with me sitting Down playing guitar is on a wall that is a good 40 feet tall... It was quite the climb

Haha we think we're awesome

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