Monday, February 22, 2016



This week has been an absolute delight. Unfortunately, today is transfer day. That means that Elder Dickson is leaving me :( But that's okay because I am getting a great new companion: Elder Gudmundson! He's awesome. He has Icelandic roots and plays the bagpipes, so I think we're going to make some loud music together. Why not.

But this last week we saw some great progress with K*. He is still on track for his baptismal date in March. We meet with him quite regularly and even attended his birthday party on Saturday with all of his friends and family, which was a really good thing because they have all been worried that we are some kind of cult or Jehovas Witnesses or something. So we were able to calm their minds and explain a little about who we are. Then K* came to church the next day! Just one more time and he's ready to go under. He's still holding out well with the smoking, now we just need to move on to coffee and alcohol. Yaaaayyy...

This week I also had the cool experience of going back to one of my old areas; Nykøbing Falster. That was very strange. I think President has me here as a zone leader so I could go back there and feel very old. It worked. It felt just like going home again. I saw lots of my old investigators and member friends, so that was great. We even got to ride in a car with SJ* (an old investigator of mine) and he was playing the new Coldplay song!! Haha it made my day. 

Awesome week!! I love Slagelse and the people here :) I hope you all have a great week!! Love you!!

Ældste Jed Bradshaw

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