Monday, June 15, 2015



So transfer calls came this Wednesday instead of Monday!! Elder Taylor is now on his way home and I'll be taking over as the district leader here and getting a new companion, Elder Gudmundson!!! It feels really weird to be losing Elder Taylor. We had some good times together, but I look forward to what the future holds with this new guy! He just finished being trained, so he will be the first companion I have had that is younger than me in the mission. 

But for our last week together Elder Taylor and I did some pretty exciting stuff!! The highlight of which has to be our new investigator, Father Greggers!! He is a Catholic Priest that lives in the massive catholic church just a few doors down from us. We contacted him and he ended up inviting us over for dinner! We had a great evening with him, even though his place was a little creepy. You see, Catholics LOVE candles. So much in fact that he uses nothing BUT candles to light his entire building, giving it a very eerie feeling. We had some very deep intellectual discussion around the dinner table (he loves theology) and then he gave us a personal tour of his church, which was actually quite beautiful. After the tour we went back upstairs for a surprise of TWO more courses to the meal! Then after that we went downstairs and sat in his yard around a beautiful metal table and drank soda water with ice as we watched the magnificent sunset. It was so peaceful at that moment. The birds were singing, the weather was perfectly warm, the Danish was flowing. He's a great man even though his faith doesn't line up exactly with mine. AND he has plans to come to church, so that's good!! 

A little bit of a disappointment with *M* this week. We met with him almost every day to make sure he would come to church and even called him the night before to confirm, then when we showed up at his place the next morning with a member, he said he couldn't come. So keep on praying for him! He'll come around eventually. I'm sure of it.

 I love you all!! Have a great week!

-Jed Bradshaw (the Elder)

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