Monday, June 22, 2015



Haha okay this week was just incredible! I don't know where to begin! Well first off Things are going great with Elder Gudmundson. He's sooo tall and we look quite funny walking down the street together, which just adds to the weird looks we get :) We have a great time together though. It's tons of fun getting to know so many different companions and hear all about their life stories. It's also quite interesting to be the senior companion now... I feel like it was forever ago that I was in Elder Gudmundson’s shoes.

Anyway you have to hear about our miracle story this week!! Okay so on Monday we went out to contact on the streets when we ran into this man from Iran. We had a quick encounter and managed to figure out that he had a Book of Mormon and had met with missionaries before. We asked if we could grab his address so we could come by and talk again, but he just kept pointing in the direction he lived and saying ''just knock over there! You'll find me''... Well that was hopeless because he pointed towards a complex of thousands of apartment buildings. So we went on our way and didn't think about it. Then a few hours later the mission office texted us a media referral! It was the man! He had gone online and entered in his address for the missionaries to come by! Anyway his named was *A* and we stopped by his address a few times the next two days with no success. Then on Thursday night Elder Gudmumdson was saying his night time prayer when he suddenly shot up and said ''We need to change our plans and go try *A* at 12:00 tomorrow!'' Well... it sounded like revelation to me, so the next day at 12:00 we knocked on *A*'s door. Then we rang. Then we knocked again. He wasn't home... well, I guess it wasn't revelation. So we walked away from *A*'s place with our heads down for a few minutes, but I managed to stop looking at my feet for long enough to see a man walking towards us. Ugh... I didn't want to contact him, but I knew I should. So I stopped the man in his tracks. He didn't speak Danish. No problem. I switched to English and told him who we are and gave him a card with our info on it. He looked at the card for a minute then looked up at us and said ''this is the church I want''.... woah! So we got his address and set up an appointment for the next morning. (his name is *T*)

The next morning we get to his Apartment and he lets us right in with a smile and a handshake. We walk into his place and I quickly noticed that he owned next to nothing. There was another man there sitting on the bed who introduced himself as *T*'s brother, *J*. There was nothing in the room other than a sofa, a bed, and one small table. Nothing else. And that was the entire apartment. We quickly got to know them and learned their story. They are both refugees from Eretria (a country run by a corrupt dictator just above Ethiopia). They spent weeks traveling on foot through the Sahara desert and across the Baltic sea just to get here. They risked their lives and came very close to death on multiple occasions.  They had nothing to their name when they got to Denmark, but the government here is giving them the necessities to survive. They are incredible men. Very humble and have a strong love for the Savior. At the end of our lesson they made us some food. Eggs and ham which we ate with our hands around the table from one plate, just like they did back in their country. I guess they don't understand the idea of cutlery. Fine by me :) It was tons of fun!

Anyway, both *T* and *J* came to church yesterday!!!!  They loved it. We gave them both a Book of Mormon and they are excited to start reading and have already made it clear that they would love to be baptized.

The Lord had a plan for us to meet them. He had all the pieces lined up perfectly. It was almost spooky how perfectly everything worked out.

Well... that's all the time I have for now. I love you all and hope you have a brilliant week!

-Jed Bradshaw (the Elder)

P.S. Happy Father’s day to the best dad in the World!!! I can only hope to become half the man you are Paps. And Happy Birthday to Madeline!! I love you!!

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