Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Kære Alle Sammen,

It's been another great week! Remember that man P*? Well, he's on baptismal date now. Hopefully he'll go under the water 4 weeks from now. He's such a sweet old man. A real good Fella. 

Elder Murphy and I have been on splits with some of the Elders in the Zone that needed help with finding. I would like to share one quick experience with what happened two days ago while on the island of Amager. We had been doing some contacting all day long to help them get some new investigators, and nothing was really working. So, we had a rendezvous back at the apartment and talked about what we could do differently. We decided to try something different and creative. We grabbed my guitar from the car, practiced a few songs, then hit the streets again. We found a nice non-nude beach and walked around contacting people asking them if we could sing them a song :) It was great!!

People were loving it, but still people weren't so open for giving out any of their info. Then we contacted the last man of the day. It was him and his girlfriend. We quickly realized that they didn't speak Danish, so we switched to English and found out they were from Italy! We asked if we could sing them a song and they were so happy! They listened, then the guy said ''I know a little about you guys... do you have some time to tell me about your church? I love religions.''.... Sweet!! So we walked away from the boardwalk and sat on the beach for a good 15 minutes talking. He was so open and we talked for ages about the plan of Salvation. Then near the end he said ''thank so much for the song, I love music''.

I asked him if he played the guitar (he looked like he did ;) you can just tell) he said yes, so I handed him the Guitar and told him to start playing some blues in G. Boom! He started jamming out, then I pulled out my harmonica and we had a little jam session together!! It was great. We got his info and are sending him over to the missionaries in Italy. It's just great to see how music can brighten up people's day, especially the Hymns of the Lord. 

Anyway, that was my neat experience for the week. F's* girlfriend gets here tomorrow, so we're gonna start teaching her and get a double baptism! 

I hope you all have a great week! Remember how incredible you are! 

-Ældste Bradshaw

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