Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello Family!!!!!

It's finally P-day!!!! yay!!!!

Okay this week has been great! Time is really just all blurring together now. I can't believe how long I have already been here. There are so many spiritual experiences happening every single day, so I can't really write them all. Just know that my testimony is stronger than ever.

Ummmm well this week I saw a few celebrities! First off, I met the lady and man from that famous Mormon Message about them getting in the plane crash and getting burns all over their bodies, and now she does a Mummy blog and stuff. You know who I mean? Well she and her husband sat right by us in the chapel before the endowment session and then came in with us!! Then last night, we had the man from The Other Side of Heaven and his wife come and speak to us!! Such a great guy!! I shook his hand.

Thankyou so much to everyone that has sent me things. They all mean soooooooo much to me. Mum and Dad, the care packages were perfect :) And I read "rosies" letter out loud for the district to hear and they all loved it!! Haha I just sent you a letter that says some more things, so hopefully you get that soon. But I gotta go, I only have 10 more minutes and Brynn is online so we can chat!!! (its allowed so dont worry) ;)

I love you all!!!

Ældste Bradshaw

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