Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turns out Jed's first town - Hillerod - is home to one of the most famous castles in EuropeFrederiksborg.

Picture below.  What a place!  Lucky guy.

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  1. This is wonderful! Great place to start his mission. Love all the photos.
    Below are some of our Tozer/Styles ancestors from Denmark:
    Prince Harding Fitz Eadnoth of Denmark
    Gottfried ( Godefrid) of Haithabu [Prince Denmark]
    Thyra Haraldsdatter of Denmark
    Thyri ( Thyra) Klacksdottir Queen of Denmark
    King of Denmark Gotfred II Haraldsson
    Geva Gorm "The Old" Knudsson (King of East Anglia King of Denmark)
    Harald Parcus King of Denmark
    Knud Canute I (Harde-Knud) Sigurdsson (King Of Denmark) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other people named Canute of Denmark, see Canute of Denmark. "Canute" and "Cnut".
    Estrid Svendsdatter Princess of Denmark.
    Some of these didn't live in Denmark for long. The only one I've found so far actually born in Copenhagen about 850 AD, was Geva Gorm "The Old" Knudsson (King of East Anglia, King of Denmark). He married Thyra Haraldsdatter of Denmark. No doubt there are still some way-distant descendants living around the country today.