Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello everyone!!!
It's a great day today!! My last P-day in the MTC has finally come!! Can you believe I leave in 5 days??!?! Ah I cannot wait to finally get out there and serve some real people. We said goodbye to one of our teachers yesterday, and it was really spiritual/sad. The Sister teacher was crying and she said she was so proud of us and couldn't believe how far we had come with the language. We thought back to the first day in class when she spoke nothing but Danish to us all day and we couldn't understand a single word, and now we can have in depth discussions about any gospel principle. It's so amazing. All this week is just getting ready for leaving on Monday. Guess what?? We fly through Heathrow!! I'm going home! Haha it's gonna be so much fun. I already have an English and Danish Book of Mormon to hand out at both airports.
If you hear about a missing plane on the news, it isn't a repeat of the Malaysia incident. You can just assume that my companion and I converted the entire plane and the Lord decided to translate it straight to Heaven :)
Not even kidding.
Ummm I heard this really cool quote this week from a General Authority. He said "If you do not choose the kingdom of God, it does not matter what you have chosen instead". I think that is so cool! This gospel is the only thing that will bring us eternal happiness. Nothing else will. Everything else is temporal and will never be enough. For example, before coming here I used to live with at least one headphone in my ear playing music and i thought I could never live without music, but now I've been in complete silence in the MTC and I've never heard more. The spirit speaks to me so much more. I love it. We have the potential to be the closest to the vail that we ever will be in our lives on our missions. I hope I can become as in-tune with the spirit as possible.
Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. I'm currently sitting in the laundry room waiting for my drying to finish so I decided to send a quick email and you can't send pictures from these computers. I'll try and send some later today around 12.
I love you all!! Thanks for your prayers and letters!
Next email will be from Denmark!

-Elder Bradshaw

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