Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello outside world!!!

 How is everyone? I'm doing FANTASTIC! The elders and I just finished having a sand castle war on the volleyball courts for gym time. They haven't been letting us play futbol lately because of the wet grass. Darn rain. Actually no I love the rain!! Did you all get hit by that big storm on monday? ALL of the missionaries ran outside and played in it for a good hour. I got some great pictures. Hopefully I can send them soon. None of the computers here have SD card slots. Oh and speaking of weather, Chad: you said in your email "it's been really hot over here in Utah, so the rain was good", haha, all the Elders got a good laugh from that. I'm still in Utah!!!

To all of those of you that send emails, dear elders and packages, thankyou so so much. It really helps. And I'm sorry I can't reply to all of you. I'm just so busy working for the Lord! Oh and Mum, concerning you recent packages, I love you, but you can stop sending treats for now!! haha you should see the stash that we have in our dorm. TOO MUCH FOOD. We're playing biggest loser in our district right now, meaning that whoever loses the most weight in a week wins. And you get everyone's pillows for a night if you win. So pray for that ;)

Ummmm this week in the MTC I would say the biggest thing that's been happening for me is the huge strides I've been taking with the language. The first two weeks I thought I would never learn it, but it's moving soooo fast now! I can have fluent conversations in my discussions now. #giftoftounges

I've committed a million fake investigators to baptism so far. It's just a bunch of ex Denmark missionaries from BYU. I think they let us off so easy with them because they know we won't get any baptisms in Denmark, so they feel bad for us. Haha... I hope it's not as hard as they say over there. Apparently it's considered the hardest mission in the world. So many athiests and well read Biblical Historians. But hey that's okay. I'll baptize them anyway.\

I love you all!!!! Have a great week and keep writing!! I'd love to get some hand written letters. Especially from my ward friends. Mum, could you talk to some of them at church? I think they just dont have my adress. Okay bye!!!

Ældste Bradshaw

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